Army called to assist during flooding risk

At the request of the Lincolnshire Police, around 100 Soldiers from Alma Company, 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (A Coy, 2 Yorks) have been deployed to support a precautionary evacuation of residents whose homes may be at risk of flooding.

Those soldiers worked with Lincolnshire Police last night (Thu 12 Jan) to knock on doors and warn and inform residents in Skegness. A combination of gale force winds and high tides had threatened to flood low-lying areas.

These Soldiers are from one of the three UK Standby Battalions, held in readiness to respond to UK contingencies and emergencies.

The troops were alerted at their base at Catterick late on Wednesday night and began preparations and briefings to be out on the ground within 24 hours.

Local Authorities are able to request support from the Armed Forces. The ability to respond is more agile thanks to the training undertaken with the Environment Agency (EA). This has included training in the construction of the EA's newly acquired temporary flood barriers.

The King's Royal Hussars

The Kings Royal Hussars has relieved the RAF Regiment, taking over responsibility for support to Norfolk Police in Great Yarmouth as they respond to the North Sea tidal surge.

Troops were out on the streets of Hemsby in Norfolk supporting the local authorities on Friday (13) night.

KRH is one of three UK Standby Battalions, held at readiness to respond to contingencies and emergencies.