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England Netball

Joining forces with England Netball

In 2019, the British Army is sponsoring England Netball. Netball players at grassroots and elite levels are getting the chance to receive Army Leadership and Personal Development Training and members of British Army engagement teams will be attending netball events around the country.

To see more about what the netballers do in their day job scroll to the videos at the bottom of the page. 

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A natural synergy

Netball's unique zonal system makes teamwork critical. In the British Army, everything is built around the team and no individual can succeed without their section or squad around them. For this reason we think the Army and Netball have a natural synergy. 

Duncan Capps, the General Officer Commanding Regional Command recently presented the ‘Best Player’ trophy to Rachel Dunn after the culmination of the England v Australia match at the Copperbox.  He said:

“England Netball demonstrate all the qualities of teamwork, determination and physical fitness that are also qualities hugely important to us in the Army. Sport and teamwork play a vital role in developing our people so we are very proud to build these links with the 2018 Team of the Year – England Netball.”

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British Army Netball

The British Army Netball team always represent the Army superbly. They have just completed a clean sweep in the 2019 Inter-Services tournament so retain the title for a second year.

As well as providing a large percentage of the UK Armed Forces squad, the British Army have four squad members who have played at international level and two players representing the Celtic Dragons in the Netball Super League.

It’s not just the elite players that enjoy netball in the Army. The first Army-wide mixed netball competition has just taken place and there are numerous tournaments between units and corps which take place throughout the year.

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The Army also sponsors a number of current and former players to achieve their qualifications to become coaches and officials. 

Whilst there is a lot of netball available to those who want to play, everyone in the Army is on a career path in their selected trade or branch of the Army.

Every role in the Army is now open to everyone, regardless of gender so the opportunities really are endless. Army player and Captain in the Royal Artillery, Samantha James said:

"The Army is a large team and has given me a lot of chances, to develop myself in different circumstances. It has made me a real team player on and off the court."

Army Netball