8 March 2019

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Dating back over one hundred years, and a focal point for all matters relating to women’s rights, International Women’s Day is celebrated 8 March each year.


Equal Opportunities

With its roots largely in suffrage and equality in the work place, recent times have seen International Women’s Day pushing the broader themes, for example, empowerment for women in rural communities, equal opportunities, and ending violence against women and girls.

With all roles open to both women and men, and a long history of equal pay, the British Army could be said to have equal opportunities sewn up.

And its people are actively engaged in operational duties across the globe, with work ranging from combating the international drugs trade to peacekeeping and humanitarian aid.

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responding to humanitarian crises

The Army holds a pool of personnel at readiness, to respond to emerging crises, which enables us to respond to disasters at home and abroad.

Working with international and regional organisations, we respond to humanitarian crises and human rights violations; we assist on civil engineering projects and undertake medical deployments which provide primary health and dental care to local communities.

The British Army has provided disaster relief to Nepal since the earthquakes in 2015, assisting in building schools, homes and hospitals. Since 2016 the British Army has been in South Sudan on a UN mission where we have assisted building a hospital and working as gender advisers with local organisations.

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Highlights of how the British Army celebrated International Women's Day