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Inside the Bomb Squad

Inside the Bomb Squad

Inside the Bomb Squad is a look into the secretive world of Britain’s bomb disposal elite – when the rest of us run away from a suspect package, these are the soldiers trained to make the long walk alone towards it. They are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe. On call 24/7, they are Britain’s fourth emergency service.

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Episode 1

In this first episode we join 521 Squadron 11 EOD based in Chester.

Just outside Clitheroe, an explosive dating back to World War Two has been discovered by a man walking his dog.

621 Squadron 11 EOD, based at RAF Northolt, deal with a new craze – magnet fishing. Using large industrial weights which are hurled into lakes and canals, the treasure hunters often get more than they bargained for – it’s a race against time.

This episode also gives an insight into Defence Explosive Munitions and Search Training Regiment or DEMS for short, also known as Bomb School. This is where the bomb squad learn their trade at a £100 million training base in Bicester.

Sergeant Hughes

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Episode 2

All over the country, on ordinary streets, people are making deadly bombs and explosives. We follow the soldiers inside the bomb suits and with revolutionary 360-degree cameras, get closer to the action than ever before, to find out what it takes to keep Britain safe.

In this episode, Sergeant David “Podders” Podmore, part of 521 Squadron 11 EOD, who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq dealing with improvised Explosive Devices (IED), is called out to investigate after a shooting in the Liverpool area.

In Aylesbury, Sam Jones and his number two, Corporal Matt Coogan, both from 621 Squadron 11 EOD based at RAF Northolt, have been called to a property. A police search has been called off after the discovery of a mortar bomb, which they want Sam to assess.

Sergeant Podmore

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Episode 3

This time the Bomb Squad when they are called to a garage on the Isle of Man where police believe they have found a bomb making factory.

In the Wirral where the coast guard have made a disturbing discovery – a possible torpedo on the beach.

Sergeant Sam Jones, 621 Sqn 11 EOD, based at RAF Northolt, is called out when some dog walkers stumble across some mortar bombs, found in the woods.

The programme reveals how some of the biggest bombs, including out of date ammunition, are dramatically disposed of.