Exercise Cerberus 22 is the Army’s largest and most ambitious Field Army exercise in Europe for a decade. The exercise will provide the opportunity to test the five different Brigade Headquarters within the Warfighting Division to validate them and ensure they are ready to play their part in any warfighting operations.


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The exercise is taking place in the NATO Forward Holding Base in Sennelager, Germany and also involves other NATO members including our US, French and German allies.

With approximately 3500 soldiers and 800 vehicles moving to Europe via sea, land and air the movement of the force is enabled jointly by the RAF and the Navy as well as our European NATO partners.

The Division flew to Celle in Germany by RAF A400 aircraft and then onwards to Sennelager by German CH53 Sikorsky heavy lift helicopters while its vehicles and equipment moved by sea.  

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The Brigades are being tested in a realistic scenario against a peer adversary with the Divisional Headquarters in overall command.

Above them, the British led NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) will provide overall NATO Command and Control over the exercise emphasising the importance of the NATO alliance.