Army Warfighting Experiment

Urban Series

Army Warfighting Experiment Urban Series 2022-2024

The Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) Urban Series, is a Capability Investigation within a threat based tactical scenario. It will employ live, virtual and constructive methods to produce evidence which; de-risks major equipment programmes; enhances relationships with industry, partners and allies; and accelerates Army modernisation and transformation. 

By taking a longer, programmatic view and focussing on exploitation from the start, AWE Urban will help optimise elements of the force in order to hone the Army for urban operations. A delivery team has now been established within the Future Capability Group at DE&S, to provide the stability needed for a multi-year approach and improve communications between all stakeholders. 

The finer details of the experiments are currently being designed but will explore the following themes within each year;

  • Sustain & Protect: Nov 2022
  • Shape & Attack: Autumn 2023
  • Integrate: Autumn 2024

The Head of Future Force Development in Army Headquarters, as the Sponsor of AWE, warmly welcomes interested participants to the launch of the Urban Series, via a virtual briefing on the morning of Thursday 9 December.

Please see invitation link below.

For the invitation to the launch of the Urban Series

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