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Harnessing technology to prepare for complex future warfare

Army Warfighting Experiment Urban Series (2022-2024)

The Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) Urban Series 2022-2024 is a Capability Investigation within a threat based tactical scenario.

It will employ live, virtual and constructive methods to produce evidence which: de-risks major equipment programmes; enhances relationships with industry, academia, partners and allies; and accelerates Army modernisation and transformation.

By taking a longer, programmatic view and focussing on exploitation from the start, AWE Urban Series will help optimise elements of the force for urban operations. Future Capability Group at DE&S are an established delivery team providing the stability needed for a multi-year approach.

With AWE Sustain & Protect 2022 making headway for the integrated experiment in November, the AWE team are now commencing with the preliminaries for AWE Blunt & Dislocate 2023, the penultimate phase of the AWE Urban Series 2022-2024.

The Head of Future Force Development in Army HQ, as the Sponsor of AWE, warmly welcomes interested participants to the introduction of AWE Blunt & Dislocate 2023, via a virtual briefing on the afternoon of Thursday 1 September 2022.

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AWE 21 seeks to harness technology to prepare for complex future warfare. It has been designed to experiment with and showcase next generation Collective Training Systems, to inform future Army and wider Defence force development decisions.

The Army Warfighting Experiment has been the flagship innovation experimentation programme for the British Army for the past decade, forging relationships with industry and messaging our allies and adversaries that the British Army is looking to the future with cutting-edge technological advances.

AWE 21 will offer an insight into what the Army is seeking to create through collaborative relationships with industry academia, allies, and partners. 

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Transforming the way we train, by incorporating and experimenting with cutting edge technology.​

The experiment will showcase the benefits of the ​Collective Training Transformation Programme’s vision for Next Generation Collective Training: connected real-time​ synthetic and instrumented live collective training, enabled ​and measured through an extra layer of performance ​digitisation, which connects the war fighter(s) to enable real-time / near real-time action review and response.​



Through the most demanding experimentation AWE21/Exercise Dynamic Warrior  will demonstrate the CTTP requirements that contribute to the delivery of the Future Collective Training System 2025 by: 

  • Closing the data-capture and exploitation gap. 
  • Putting the soldier at the heart of the technology to meet ‘Generation Z’ capabilities and expectations. 
  • Leveraging cutting edge industry capabilities across the delivery spectrum (the Vital Ground). 
  • Embracing the developing principles of Prototype Warfare and 6DI/MDI to enable rapid trial, experimentation and integration of new concepts and technologies. 

Challenges to Industry

  1. Provide a common, immersive and credible synthetic wrap that seamlessly supports training across the Live, Virtual and Constructive environments​.
  2. Transform the quality of, and replicate scale within, the Urban Training environment.
  3. Provide an immersive, complex and multifaceted A3ES ecosystem that challenges the training audience across the human, physical and information domains.
  4. Improve the capture, access, feedback and exploitation of data across all training systems​.
  5. Demonstrate a single, deployable and scalable Connectivity solution.​   

Ex Dynamic Warrior

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