film and photographic competition

Are you a professional or amateur photographer with a keen eye for amazing imagery or a budding Steven Spielberg looking at capturing the next British Army’s viral video? Well, this is the competition for you!

The 2020 Army Film & Photographic competition is now open and allows all regular, reservists the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Army Cadet Force (ACF), University Officer Training Corps (Army) and Ministry of Defence civilians who work directly for the Army to enter. Check online for categories and eligibility.

As soldiers first, Army photographers deploy into fields of operation with units to capture life on front lines and training areas around the world. They are the eyes of the Army and capture an unrivalled view of Army life right at the heart of the action. 

Command Master Photographer WO1 (SSM) Daniel Harmer, RLC, says: “This year has been a really challenging year for society and the Army, I’m hoping that the diversity of operations at home and abroad come to light in the submissions to the AFPC.  This is an excellent opportunity for professional, amateur and keen enthusiast to demonstrate their video and photographic ability, whilst showing the day to day roles of the British Army”. 

“Not only will individuals have the opportunity to be crowned winner, but there are lots of great prizes to be won.” 

All entries can be submitted online (Closing Date 2 December 2020), hi-res jpegs and MP4s will be accepted. Details on how to submit your entries can be found in the Entry Forms below. 

Certificates confirming subject permission must be completed and submitted for each entry. Entry forms, rules and further details are available in ABN 093/2020 (below) along with terms and conditions and points of contact.

2019 Winner: Cpl Becky Brown

How to enter - Amateur