Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2023

Exercise Cambrian Patrol is the premier patrolling event of the British Army which is held in Wales and hosted by Headquarters 160th (Welsh) Brigade.

The dates for Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2023 (CP23) are 6 - 15 October 2023, the CP23 DIN has been published and will be available from 17 April 2023 when the Cambrian Patrol Website opens for online entry.  

Access will be via www.cambrianpatrol.net but UK Units can also access the DIN via SharePoint. For International entries, the Defence Attaché (DA)/Military Attaché (MA) have been sent the DIN therefore, interested patrols are to request a copy from their DA/MAs.

The Cambrian Patrol

The aim of CP23 is to provide a challenging World Class patrol exercise in order to enhance Operational Capability.

Patrol Overview

The Cambrian Patrol is run on an annual basis with applications accepted from all three Services (Regular and Reserve Forces), and overseas military units.

The event has evolved into a cost effective, ready-made exercise that Commanding Officers can use to confirm the basic training standards of their soldiers, in preparation for future operations. It is mission focused and scenario-based with role players used to enhance the training benefit. We seek to encourage a wider participation from across all the arms and services and stress that the entry standards are not based on any specialist skills but on Battlecraft Syllabus (BCS) and Individual Training Requirement (ITR), in addition to physical and mental robustness and leadership.

Patrol Composition

Each patrol must have a support team comprising a non-participating patrol manager of at least the rank of Senior Non Commissioned Officer (SNCO) and a driver. There are no BCRs during the patrol. The composition of the patrol is to be (international patrol manning configuration will be based on each countries procedures):

  • Patrol Commander: SNCO / Warrant Officer (WO) (OR6-OR9) / Officer (OF1-OF2)
  • Patrol Second In Command: Junior Non Commissioned Officer (JNCO) (OR3-4)
  • Patrol Members: Six Private soldiers (OR1-2), this group may include at least one JNCO (OR3-4)

However, specialised units and international patrol composition will be considered on a case by case basis.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment commences at the drop off point and continues throughout until completion of the exercise. The military skills that may be assessed are:

  • Dismounted Close Combat Skills
  • Orders Procedure
  • Battlefield Casualty Drills (BCD/BLS)
  • Countering the Explosive Ordnance Threat (C-EO)
  • Counter–Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Drills (C-CBRN)
  • Recognition of friendly and enemy aircraft, vehicles, weapons, and equipment
  • Operational Law and Ethical Behaviour
  • Obstacle Crossing Drills
  • Media Handling and Civil Engagement
  • Artillery Target and Emergency Close Air Support Procedures
  • Patrol Reporting and Radio Communications
  • Observation and Reconnaissance of an emery position
  • Leadership
  • Partner force assistance and mentoring
  • Physical and Mental Robustness
  • Tactical conduct and Fieldcraft


Participating patrols that complete CP23 will earn an award in one of the following categories:

  • Gold: 75% or more of total available points and no less than 65% on any single assessed task.
  • Silver: 65 – 74% of total available points and no less than 55% on any single assessed task.
  • Bronze: 55 – 64% of total available points.
  • Certificate: Completed the event and scored less than 55% of total available points.

Contact details

The initial point of contact for all entrants is [email protected] 

The Cambrian Patrol WO can be contacted on 0300 154 5862.