The Rifles - Sounding Retreat

The Rifles are Sounding Retreat this June on Horse Guards Parade. The event will take place in front of crowds of onlookers and tickets are available to purchase.

A spectacular evening of unique military music and pageantry, with the fastest marching bands in the world, featuring: 

  • The massed Bands and Bugles of The Rifles 
  • The English National Opera 
  • The Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas 
  • Quirinus Band and Bugle Corps from Germany 
  • Cadet Bands and Bugles of The Rifles 
  • The Bugle Branch The Rifleman’s Association 

These sunset parades are performed on Horse Guards in front of the beautiful backdrop of St James's Park, with fireworks on the evenings of the 8th and 9th of June 2022. 

Rifle Regiments and Light Companies were first created from the red coated Line Regiments that used the drum to communicate orders over short distances. The concept of the Rifleman, dressed in green uniform, armed with rifles rather than muskets, operating swiftly and boldly across the battlefield on their own initiative, emerged from the forests of North America and Napoleonic Wars in the early 1800s. A drummer was unable to communicate instructions across the wider distances and noise of battle. Instead the bugle, with its clarion call, was selected for use by Riflemen. For that reason The Rifles uniquely Sound Retreat, to its sentries as day moves to dusk, rather than Beat Retreat like the rest of the British Army.

Seated and wheelchair tickets will be available from £8 to £25. Funds from ticket sales will go to Care 4 Casualties and the Disasters Emergency Committee - Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. C4C is an appeal, launched in 2009, aimed to raise additional funds to help those members of The Rifles family who were found to be in need as a result of the Regiment’s persistent involvement in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The appeal contributes towards the Regimental benevolence provided to Riflemen (and their families) who either die or are severely wounded on operations.