Barz Bands and Bassline - Urban beats fuze with Army Music

Army musicians and urban artists are collaborating to create anthems to support social distancing in a competition to be live streamed on Monday 8th June at 9pm.

Fifteen British Army musicians from three Army bands have paired up with three, up and coming, urban music artists, in Barz Bands n Baseline.  They are working together to create the ultimate anthem to persuade young people to maintain social distance, have fun, stay safe and comply with Government guidelines.

A panel of judges include respected urban musician Artful Dodger will be viewing and providing critique. The Artful Dodger explained why he was keen to be involved: “I grew up around orchestras and have made a career making urban music, so a show like this grabbed my attention. It’s amazing to see the two worlds being fused in such an innovative way.”

Musicians from the Countess of Wessex’s String Orchestra, the British Army Band Tidworth and the British Army Band Catterick have paired with urban artists Sharma, WYS and YC. Completed anthems will be streamed live at 9pm on Mon 8th June across, Sky 192 and Showcase TV. Viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite anthem.

Lieutenant Colonel Barringer, the officer in charge of Army music, will also be part of the judging panel and has as been involved in the lead up to the event. He said: “It is yet another example of the power of music to communicate ‘where words fail’ and demonstrates the versatility of Army musicians to contribute and support the nation in so many ways.”

The music and messages from the anthems are being specifically targeted at a demographic that research has indicated are least supportive of public health advice and are most likely to break government guideline and yet whose communities have been heavily affected by COVID 19.

The anthems are currently undergoing production with finishing touches being added ready for the main event.

We would like to wish all the musicians the best of luck for the competition on Monday.