Pacific Longbow

Over the next 12 months 180 soldiers will be embarking on an epic voyage in a test of endurance and stamina as Her Majesty’s Sail Training Craft ‘Discoverer’ casts off from the Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre in Gosport on Ex PACIFIC LONGBOW, a trip totalling more than 24,000 nautical miles.

The Journey

Divided into 12 legs, the expedition will see the young soldiers circle the Atlantic and loop the Pacific Ocean taking in numerous ports of call such as: St Lucia, the Galapagos Islands, Guatemala and New York.

More than half of the crew will be complete sailing novices, some not even knowing their port from their starboard. But by the end of their stint on board they will certainly know the ropes. The expedition is designed to take the young women and men outside of their comfort zones; be that the freezing temperatures of the northern latitudes, the sweltering heat of crossing the equator or simply handling a 72ft yacht in the wind and swell of a force 10 gale.

The experiences encountered will develop individual courage and determination that hones both their physical and mental agility; all of which pays massive dividends when called to deploy to an operational theatre of conflict.

‘Discoverer’ will have a grand send off from Gosport attended by senior military figures and family of the initial crew; the boat will receive a traditional seafarer’s blessing by a military chaplain minutes before she casts off.

The Discoverer

The Discoverer is a 72ft yacht initially sailing from Gosport to Lanzarote. The crew have a skipper, Rebecca Walford (civilian) and 14 soldiers from various Corps.