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The Parachute Regiment was formed on the1st August 1942; however, it did not have any musical support until 1947.

At this time the 1st and 2nd Battalion bands were formed in Aldershot with Bandsmen from varying Infantry Regiments whose 2nd battalions were being put into suspended animation after World War II. 

A 3rd Battalion band was formed a year later from newly recruited musicians, each being directed by a Warrant Officer Class One – Bandmaster. 

All three bands accompanied their respective battalions providing musical and medical support wherever they were stationed.
As a result of a Defence Review in 1985, the three battalion bands were disbanded and reformed to produce two larger Regimental bands: The Falklands and Pegasus Bands.

In 1994 the Corps of Army Music was formed and this led to the amalgamation of both bands to form The Band of The Parachute Regiment.

In 2001, the band was posted from its ancestral home of Aldershot to the historic Roman town of Colchester.  The band maintains a heavy schedule of both military and civilian engagements throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, and has visited many countries including:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Canada
  • Iraq
  • Qatar
  • Cyprus
  • The Falkland Islands
  • Norway
  • France
  • Holland
  • Afghanistan

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