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Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps

Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC) nurses have worked at the sharp end of military life throughout the last century. Nursing Officers, Nursing Soldiers, Healthcare Assistants and Student Nurses of the QARANC deliver a high quality, adaptable and dedicated nursing care wherever the Army needs it.

Army nurses and healthcare assistants can find themselves working in a variety of settings. These can vary from NHS hospitals with military units, to ground based environments such as medical regiments and field hospitals.

QA personnel deal with a wide range of medical situations, with civilian and military patients in the UK, to military casualties of war and conflict. Work locations vary between clinical roles, instructional positions at training bases and other interesting jobs such as recruiting.

Currently Army nurses are based and deployed in the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Canada, Poland, Brunei, Nepal, Kenya and Sierra Leone.

What are we?

The Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps (QARANC) consists of officers and soldiers made up of the following career employment groups (CEG)

  • Nursing Officer - Adult Health
  • Nursing Officer - Mental Health
  • Soldier Nurse - Adult Health
  • Soldier Nurse – Mental Health
  • Student Nurse – Adult Health
  • Healthcare Assistants

Where do we work?

Defence Medical Groups (DMGs)

  • Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey
  • Queen Alexandra's Hospital, Portsmouth
  • The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough
  • The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham
  • Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
  • We also provide Primary care to the Army in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Germany, Canada and Kenya.


Field Units

The QARANC can work within Field Hospitals and Medical Regiments (Regular Army) as well as in a variety of Army Reserve medical units. These types of work environments specialise in deployable healthcare, training for often short notice deployments to both military and humanitarian environments.


Staff & Command

There are opportunities for both QARANC Officers and Soldiers to work in a Staff and Command setting, such as Training, Development, Manning Recruitment and Personnel.


Training & Education

There are QARANC Officers and Soldiers working in the Healthcare Assistant Training School, Birmingham City University and Army Training Centres.  You can be trained as a Nurse Teacher/Educator, with funding provided for PGCert and MA development.


Nursing Specialties

Within Army Nursing we train our specialist nurses in a wide variety of areas: emergency care; theatres; critical care; burns and plastics; infection, prevention and control; general medical; surgical (orthopaedic); primary health care and nurse education. You are funded to initially complete 60-120 Credits at either Level 6 or 7.  At a later date you can then go onto complete Advanced Practice in your speciality which includes Non-Medical Prescribing.


On Operations

The QARANC serve wherever there are deployed troops. We serve on operations world-wide and provide primary and secondary nursing care to the British Army soldiers and officers who require our assistance.

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