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RADC Soldier careers

As an RADC Dental Nurse, you will be responsible for the care and management of patients, maintaining surgery equipment and preparing and sterilising instruments to national standards.
Army Dental Nurses are dually-qualified Dental Nurses and Army Soldiers, who are responsible for providing Dental Nursing support in barracks and on operations all over the world. Both qualified Dental Nurses and unqualified applicants looking to train as a Dental Nurse can apply.

Qualified Dental Nurse

If you are already qualified and registered with the GDC, you can join as a Regular or Reserve Dental Nurse. Regular Dental Nurses are employed full-time by the Army to provide dental care to soldiers in barracks and overseas. Not only will you benefit from the Army package of travel, pension, sports and adventurous training, you will also receive civilian-recognised professional development.

If you like the idea of joining the Army but do not want to leave your current job, Reserve Dental Nurses commit to 27 training days a year with the Army, usually taking place at weekends. This allows you to combine an Army career with your civilian job, and all of the same opportunities for sport, adventurous training and professional development are open to you.

Unqualified Applicant

Do you want to experience the Army lifestyle, and gain a civilian-recognised qualification as a Dental Nurse? Unqualified applicants can apply to join the Regular Army. After you complete your Phase 1 (basic military) training, you train as a Dental Nurse at the Dental Nurse Training School in Lichfield.

This fully accredited course lasts 15 weeks, consisting of theoretical and practical Dental Nurse Training. You are then sent to your first dental centre to improve your clinical skills before gaining your National Diploma in Dental Nursing qualification.

Salary and training

RADC Dental Nurse salaries are competitive, starting at £21,600 after you have finished all of your training. As a Reserve Dental Nurse, you are paid using the same scales as the Regulars for each day that you commit, with a tax-free bounty if you complete your annual training each year.


Phase 1 Training

Regular Dental Nurses complete basic (Phase 1) training at the Army Training Centre in Pirbright or Winchester. This lasts for 14 weeks and is designed to push you to your limits both physically and mentally. You will learn basic military skills, improve your fitness and complete practical outdoor activities. There is a formal parade at the end, where your family watch you graduate from recruit to Soldier.

Reserve Dental Nurses complete their basic military training over a series of separate weekends, teaching you all the same skills but in a flexible way that fits around your civilian employment. The final part of your training takes place over a two-week training camp, which also finishes with a formal parade.


Phase 2 Training

After you have completed your basic military training, trained Dental Nurses will undertake one week of further dental training before qualifying. Unqualified applicants will start their National Diploma in Dental Nursing course at the Defence School of Health Training, Lichfield.

Career opportunities

After you qualify, you promote to Lance Corporal and your first posting will be at a military dental centre, providing Dental Nursing care. Our dental centres are all equipped to a high standard and you are given clinical support and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to help you provide clinical care to the highest standard.

As you gain experience and promote, there are lots of opportunities for Dental Nurses to develop within the RADC. More senior Dental Nurses can gain additional qualifications such as Specialist Dental Radiography, fluoride application or Oral Health Education (OHE). Many work as dental practice managers, doing the everyday management of Army dental centres. Some Dental Nurses are sent to Medical Regiments, which are specialist medical units providing medical and dental care on exercises and operations overseas. The same opportunities exist for Reserve Dental Nurses, including providing Dental Nursing support in remote locations such as Kenya.

Your continuing education is something the Army takes very seriously and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is provided for you to keep your clinical skills up-to-date. You also go on military courses, gaining additional civilian qualifications in leadership, and dental practice management. Soldiers who serve for 4 years or more are entitled to enhanced learning credits up to a maximum value of £6000 to pay towards certain civilian qualifications.

Whether you join as a Regular or Reserve Dental Nurse, all the skills you have gained through the Army will be transferable back to the civilian world.
Click the link on the right to access the rolefinder to find out more about Regular and Reserve careers for Dental Nurses in the Army.

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