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RADC Officer Careers

As a Dental Officer, it is your job to attend to the dental needs of the Army, providing dental treatment to soldiers and leading the dental team in barracks and on operations.

Army Dental Officers are qualified dentists who provide clinical dental care to serving soldiers and their families where entitled. As dually-trained dentists and military officers, you are responsible for leading the dental team.

Army Dental Officers are found all over the world, sometimes working in remote and challenging locations, making this a rewarding career choice. Both qualified dentists and dental students are eligible to apply.

Regular and Reserve

We are recruiting Dental Officers for Regular (full time) and Reserve (part time) roles. Regular Dental Officers are employed full-time by the Army to provide dental care to soldiers in barracks and overseas. If you like the idea of joining the Army but do not want to leave your current job, Reserve Dental Officers commit to 27 training days a year with the Army, usually taking place at weekends. This allows you to combine an Army career with your civilian job.


Army Dental Officers are salaried, and your initial pay after your have completed all your training is over £60,000 a year, with more available if you already have some experience as a civilian dentist. Reserve Dental Officers are paid using the same scales as your Regular counterparts, but you are paid a daily salary for each day that you work. If you complete your annual training commitment of 27 days, you are also eligible for a tax-free bounty.

For dental students, a student bursary is available to support your studies, up to a maximum value of £75,000. For more information, click the Professionally Qualified Officer Bursary link on the right.


All Dental Officers start on an initial Short Service Commission of 4-8 years after they have finished Sandhurst. There are opportunities to convert to longer commissions of either 20 years, or up to age 58.

Foundation Dental Training

If you join while you are still a dental student, you will complete your 12-month Foundation Dental Training in a military dental practice with a fully accredited trainer. This is provided through an accredited civilian scheme. Once you have passed this, you are eligible to attend Professionally Qualified Officer (PQO) training at Sandhurst.

Phase 1 Training

You will complete the Professionally Qualified Officer (PQO) course at the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. This 10-week course is designed to be challenging but you will be attending alongside other professionally qualified entrants, making this a rewarding course. The course covers basic military skills, academic study, fitness and practical outdoor leadership challenges.

When you have completed the course you will attend a ‘passing out’ parade, where your friends and family are invited to watch you celebrate your Commissioning.
Reserve Dental Officers undertake their basic military training over a series of separate weekends, teaching you the same skills as your Regular counterparts but in a flexible way that allows you to combine Army training with your civilian employment. The final part of your Sandhurst training takes place over a two-week training camp at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, which culminates in a formal ‘passing out’ parade.

Phase 2 Training

After you have completed your basic military training, you will attend a short training course specifically designed to teach you about the Army Medical Services, where you will learn how we operate and how deployed healthcare is provided. Once you have completed your Phase 2 training, you promote to Captain and you are ready to start your first posting.
Career Opportunities

Career opportunities

Your first posting will be at a military dental centre, providing a full range of dental care. Our dental centres are fully supported with comprehensive clinical governance and because they are part of a network, there is always access to clinical support. Army Dental Officers have the clinical freedom to provide the best care for their soldiers, within Army resources.

More experienced dental officers may become the Officer in Charge (OIC) of a dental centre. Some may be sent to a Medical Regiment – a specialist unit designed to provide Army healthcare overseas and on deployed operations. As you become more experienced, many more opportunities become available to you.

As a Reserve Dental Officer, you join a Medical Regiment or Field Hospital near where you live, and you undertake training with them. The same opportunities exist for Reserve Dental Officers, including providing remote dentistry in locations such as Kenya.

Post-graduate education

Postgraduate education is taken very seriously and Army Dental Officers are encouraged to complete the Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties (MJDF) examination. Further funded postgraduate opportunities are available, including MSc qualifications in Primary Dental Care and other clinical disciplines such as endodontics.

Soldiers and Officers who serve for 4 years or more are entitled to enhanced learning credits up to a maximum value of £6000 to pay towards certain civilian qualifications.

As an Army Dental Officer, your military education is also very important and throughout your career there are many military courses available to support your career development. Many of these lead to civilian-accredited qualifications in leadership and management.

Whether you join as a Regular or Reserve Dental Officer, all of your skills will be transferable back to civilian practice when you decide to leave the Army.

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