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335 Medical Evacuation Regiment

This specialist Reserve unit is paired with all three Regular armoured medical regiments.

335 Medical Evacuation Regiment personnel carry a stretcherReservist personnel receive military and clinical training to prepare them to deploy as individuals or as part of a formed unit on operations and exercises around the world. The Regiment has deployed personnel on every major offensive, peacekeeping and humanitarian operation since its formation in 2005.

Part of 2 Medical Brigade, the regiment has a headquarters and three task squadrons. Unusually, the regiment is paired with three units from the Regular Army, the Armoured Medical Regiments, who exist to support the Armoured Infantry Brigades of 3 (UK) Division.


The regiment operates across the spectrum of Army ambulances, including protected mobility and armoured tracked platforms, including Land Rover, Mastiff, Bulldog and Samaritan; providing three unique capabilities:

  1. Forward Medical Evacuation (Fwd Medevac): Moving to the point of injury to collect and treat casualties whilst evacuating them rearwards.
  2. Tactical Medical Evacuation (Tacevac): Moving casualties, including high dependency cases, from a deployed medical treatment facility rearwards.
  3. Ground Medical Emergency Response Teams (G MERT): Deploying small highly specialist teams to perform a number of mounted and dismounted medical roles in support of the teeth arms.

With no weekly drill night, training is conducted over weekends throughout the UK and during a two-week exercise at home or abroad. Paramedics form the backbone of the regiment, strengthened by doctors and nurses who specialise in pre-hospital emergency care.


335 Medical Evacuation Regiment was formed on 1 April 2005 from the Ambulance Train Group (Volunteers). The Regiment has a long and proud history which can be traced back to the ambulance trains of the Boer War of 1899 to 1902. In 2013 one of the Regiment’s paramedics received the Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS) as a result of action in Afghanistan. Recently, the Regiment has been tasked to provide a Ground Medical Emergency Response Team capability and specialist personnel to support our paired Armoured Medical Regiments.

335 Medical Evacuation Regiment personnel on execise

Recruiting Now

The Regiment is currently recruiting Reservists and particularly those with training, experience or an interest in pre-hospital emergency care. We also recruit medical, nursing and paramedic students.

Professionally Qualified Officer Entry

  • Medical Officer (particularly general practice, emergency medicine, intensive care and anaesthetics)

Professionally Qualified Soldier Entry

  • Paramedic
  • Nurse (particularly critical care and emergency care)

Soldier Entry (no special qualifications required)

  • Combat Medical Technician (particularly emergency medical technicians)
  • Driver (particularly professional drivers)
  • Human Resource Specialist (particularly human resources or finance workers)

With incentives ranging from a golden hello worth up to £10,000, humanitarian and disaster relief courses at universities throughout the UK and overseas, the opportunity to train to become a paramedic or achieve a nursing specialism, and the pinnacle Diploma in Immediate Medical Care, there has never been a better time to join 335 Medical Evacuation Regiment.

Further Information

To find further information, or to apply to join the Regiment, please visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/335MER.

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