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Joining the Reserve Medical Services is a proven way to extend your skills and experience both within your own speciality and beyond. It's a two-way process: your civilian training provides us with the expertise we need and our medical, military and adventurous training introduce you to new and sometimes exciting situations.

You should be a citizen of the UK, Commonwealth or Republic of Ireland. If you do not hold a British Passport you will need a visa with no less than two years validity remaining or leave to stay in the UK.

Also you need to be working in a clinical position within the NHS. If you are interested in our medical positions use the contact numbers for further details.

There is an amount of administration that we need to carry out when you join, this is the enlistment process. The first step is to get in contact with us, either by phone or drop in to one of our Army Reserve Centres.

Once you have introduced yourself to us we will ask you to send us a CV once your CV has been checked you will be sent some documentation to complete.

When you have completed the documentation you will be invited to come in on a Tuesday evening when our recruiting staff can start the process of enlisting you into The Unit.

We will complete some documentation in the Army Reserve Centre and give you some documentation to take away with you. A medical is required prior to acceptance to ensure that you reach the basic requirements of the British Army.

To complete the documentation the following original documents (not photocopies) are required.

  • National Insurance Number
  • NHS Number
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Professional Qualifications Certificates

256 Field Hospital career opportunities


As an experienced GP or Consultant you have just the expertise we need for our field hospitals, specialist units and medical detachments. We can provide you with the opportunity to play a vital role in the medical support of British Army operations worldwide.

The Reserve Army Medical Services needs doctors in almost all specialities, of all backgrounds and ages, who are prepared to apply their skills in a new and unfamiliar environment - highly skilled professionals who are ready to take on the challenge of becoming an important part of an essential organisation.

We will provide you with advanced training in military healthcare skills. We will also give you the opportunity to develop your existing leadership and management skills in a team environment, as well as gradually improve your fitness through our progressive physical training programme.

We would also like you to take a training role yourself, and help to teach medical techniques to others in your unit. But it's not all about the serious business of training. The Reserve AMS experience is just as much about having serious fun.

We can provide you with the potential for an entirely different and rewarding kind of social life - a social life built on camaraderie, teamwork and a mutual sense of achievement. We firmly believe that joining the Reserve AMS represents a few weekends a year extremely well spent.

The Military Doctor (Army Reserve)
Fully registered medical practitioners under the Medical Acts in force in the UK at the time of appointment.


As a Military Nurse you will be a key member of our team and valued accordingly. The Reserve AMS recognises that nurses are skilled professionals and that the care you deliver can be the most important element of treatment for many patients.

By joining us you will have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and experience, which for many translates to real benefits in their civilian career.

Certain areas of your clinical skills can be enhanced through courses at the Centre of Defence Medicine, such as Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support (BATLS) and Tropical Medicine, while the general Reserve AMS experience can do wonders for your management skills, powers of communication, self-discipline and confidence.

The military and physical aspects of the Reserve AMS are an important part of what we do. However, the progressive nature of the training and the support available mean that the standards required are realistic, achievable and attainable for everyone.

You will be sure to form close bonds with colleagues and new friends, including other medical specialists who you might not usually have the chance to mix with. This creates a rewarding, productive and enjoyable atmosphere in which to work and learn, one that is certainly worth devoting a few weekends a year to cultivating.

When you return to work on a Monday morning you will find that your experiences will have a positive effect not only on the way you do your own work but also on how you can influence that of your colleagues.

Professionals Allied to Medicine

Just as civilian hospitals cannot function without the contributions of allied healthcare professionals, so the Reserve AMS needs more than doctors and nurses alone.

The skills and experience of radiographers, operating department practitioners, biomedical scientists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and environmental health officers are vital if we are to fulfil our role in maintaining the health of the fighting force and sustaining the Army's peacekeeping and humanitarian operations abroad.

Joining the Reserve AMS is a proven way to extend your skills and experience both within your own speciality and beyond. It's a two-way process: your civilian training provides us with the expertise we need and our medical, military and adventurous training introduce you to new and sometimes exciting situations that will not only develop your professional and personal skills but also provide you with some serious fun.

The Military Biomedical Scientist (Army Reserve)
Registered with the CPSM.
Qualified by either the IBMS route or CPSM approved degree, preferably in Biomedical Science.
FIBMS qualified are most welcome.
Current working experience of Clinical Chemistry, Haematology or Microbiology.

The Radiographer (Army Reserve)
Hold the DCR(R) or BSc in Diagnostic Radiography.
State registered.

The Operating Department Practitioner (Army Reserve)
Registered with the AODP.
Hold NVQ Level 3 or equivalent in Operating Department Practice.

The Military Physiotherapist (Army Reserve)
Registered as physiotherapist with the CPSM.

Non Medical

Delivering healthcare in the field is about more than having medical skills and experience. Just as in civilian life, Field Hospitals simply cannot exist without the contribution of a team of highly skilled, non-medical support staff.

The Reserve AMS needs skilled personnel such as:

  • Chefs
  • Drivers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Clerks
  • Supply Specialists
  • Technicians

We need these to manage the logistical and administrative aspects of running a Field Hospital and other units such as Medical Squadrons.

This includes such vital tasks as maintaining casualties' records as they are moved through the treatment and evacuation chain; ensuring that there are sufficient medical supplies on site; feeding over 400 staff and 200 patients; transporting the Field Hospital and its equipment to wherever it is required; and supplying the facility with sufficient electricity and water to operate effectively.

Like everyone in the Army Reserve, as a support specialist you will receive substantial training both in military techniques and your particular trade. You will also have the opportunity to sample new and character building experiences through adventurous training activities such as rock climbing, skiing and white water rafting.

Then there's the chance to become part of the essential role that the Reserve AMS plays in bringing healthcare to people who otherwise would probably not receive it. And don't forget what we like to call the 'serious fun' that our members enjoy.

The Reserve AMS plays almost as hard as it works; contributing to a rewarding experience beyond anything civilian life has to offer.

The Army Reserve is part of Britain's reserve land forces. Together with the Regular Reserve they provide support to the Regular Army at home and overseas.

Learn more about opportunities, training, commitments and challenges in the Army Reserve. Follow this link to the 'Joining The Army' section to view FAQs and find out how to apply.

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