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I (Inverness) Detachment

I Detachment google map


TA Centre, Gordonville Road, Inverness, IV2 4SU

  • Permanent Staff Admin Officer (PSAO) Captain M Whyte RAMC

Inverness Detachment of 205 (Scottish) Field Hospital has now been established and was formally open on Wednesday 15 August 2012 by the Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP. 205 Field Hospital is the only Field Hospital in Scotland and has geographic squadrons in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow.

It has its RHQ at Graham House in Glasgow. 205 Field Hospital is an Army Reserve Unit whose establishment is organised into RHQ, Support Squadron, Clinical Squadron and Nursing Squadron. Its main purpose is to provide trained force elements in support of 2nd Medical Brigade's Mission, namely the provision of deployed hospital care in support of military operations.


The Unit originates from the Volunteer Medical Staff Corps (VMSC) Companies which formed in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow between 1886 and 1894. Their Active Service Companies saw action in the two Boer Wars 1899 - 1902. Following the formation of the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) Volunteers in 1902, the VMSC was reorganised into Brigade Bearer Companies and, when the Territorial Force (TF) was established in 1908, Field Ambulances.

Within the 52nd Lowland Division there were three such Field Ambulances and they saw service in Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine and finally France. Following the 'war to end all wars' the TF was much reduced, and in 1921 renamed the Territorial Army (TA). The surviving Scottish Lowland Medical Units were in Edinburgh - 155 (Lowland) Fd Amb TA and 11/(2nd Scottish) Gen Hosp TA. The Glasgow units went into suspended animation, only to be hastily reformed in 1938.

During the Second World the TA medical units mobilised as 23 (Scottish) Gen Hosp RAMC and served in Palestine, UK and finally, after providing medical support teams to cover the Normandy landings in 1944, deployed to France and then Germany as the 21st Army Group's General Hospital. The TA reformed in 1947, with 2nd (Scottish) General Hosp TA and 155 (Lowland) Fd Amb TA at Edinburgh, and 156 and 157 (Lowland) Fd Amb TA at Glasgow, Hamilton and Ayr.

Reductions in unit size and amalgamations followed in 1961, 155 (Lowland) Fd Amb joined the 2nd (Scottish) General Hosp in Edinburgh to form 50 (Scottish) Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) TA. In Glasgow the original 157 (Lowland) Fd Amb TA was amalgamated with 154 (Highland) Fd Amb TA to form 5 (City of Glasgow) General Hosp TA. Female personnel joined the hospital staff for the first time but could not join the main forward medical units.

Recent History

The major reorganisation of the Territorial Army and Volunteer Reserve (TAVR) in 1967 saw the formation of 205 (Scottish) General Hospital RAMC (V) by the amalgamation of 5 (City of Glasgow) Gen Hosp with 50 (Scottish) CCS. The RHQ was in Glasgow with Detachments at Edinburgh, Inverness and Dunoon. During the first gulf war in 1991 205 was called upon to provide the command and infrastructure of 205 General Hospital Volunteers RAMC (V) at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the first of only a few Territorial Army Units to be called up for active service since World War 2.

The following year the small detachments at Inverness and Dunoon were closed. In 1995 the unit role changed under the major Army reorganisation following the end of the Cold War with its re-designation as 205 (Scottish) Field Hospital (Volunteers). The Regimental Headquarters and Detachment in Glasgow, with the Edinburgh Detachment were joined by two new Detachments in Dundee and Aberdeen.

The four subunits of 205 were now linked to those Scottish cities which had medical schools and teaching hospitals. In 2003 individual members of 205 served on OP TELIC in both Kuwait and Iraq. In 2005 205 was the lead medical unit for the provision of deployed hospital care on OP TELIC and in 2010 was the lead medical unit in Afghanistan on OP HERRICK based in Camp Bastion.

Today - The Army Reserve

A programme called Future Reserves 2020 or FR20 has started to support recruitment and retention in the Army Reserve (formerly known as the Territorial Army, TA) through the introduction of a range of initiatives.

If you are interested in a career with the Reserve Medical Services please contact the PSAO using the link above or call 01224 702334. Information on rates of pay, bounty and your commitment are available through the role finder in the right-hand panel.

Training every Tuesday evenings between 7.30 to 9.30 pm.
Points of Contact:
Det PSAO Tel: 01224 702334
AO Tel: 0131 310 4407

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