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144 Parachute Medical Squadron

144 Parachute Medical Squadron is part of 16 Medical Regiment and is the only Reserve Medical Unit with a parachute capability.
After hours of preparation and waiting, the first paratroops leave the aircraft.Operating alongside our colleagues from 16 Medical Regiment and 16 Air Assault Brigade, we provide vital medical and secondary healthcare support to both soldiers and civilians all over the world.

Our qualified medical professionals are trained in both military and medical skills to provide vital medical support to Airborne forces. Soldiers from our squadron have deployed on operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

As well as trained medical, dental and healthcare professionals, we also have a number of support roles such as chefs, technicians and drivers.

We currently have Detachments in London, Cardiff, Nottingham and Glasgow. For further information, please contact your nearest detachment.

Army Reserve Airborne Induction Training

All recruits at 144 PARA Med Sqn undertake the Reserve Airborne Induction Training (TA AIT) course. The course is designed to test the physical condition and suitability of all recruits for attending Pegasus Company (P Coy) and attempting the famous Pre-Parachute Selection Course (PPS).

PPS is one of the toughest military selection courses in the world and is the benchmark of all Airborne soldiers who will serve with the Parachute Regiment and support arms of 16 Air Assault Brigade. All soldiers at 144 must first pass the TA ABIT before being sent up to Catterick to attend P Coy.

The course is designed to introduce recruits to the 7 events that they will have to attempt at P Coy and assess their level of physical and mental toughness, both of which are required to pass Selection Course.

Army Reserve Pre-Parachute Selection

ParachutingPegasus Company (P Coy) is located at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, North Yorkshire and comprises of serving members of The Parachute Regiment and 16 Air Assault Brigade.

From this location, P Coy run Pre-Parachute Selection (PPS) courses for both regular and reserve personnel. All 144 PARA recruits must first pass P Company - a series of test events that all soldiers must pass if they want to join the Airborne Forces.

The tests are designed to test your physical stamina and mental aptitude (under pressure) prior to carrying out parachute training. They include both individual and team events.

A candidate who fails to display the appropriate level of self discipline and motivation throughout Test Week will fail the course.


The Pegasus Company mission

To test the physical fitness, determination and mental robustness, under conditions of stress, to determine whether an individual has the self discipline and motivation required for service with Airborne Forces.


On passing P-Coy, all soldiers at 144 PARA, then proceed on to the famous Military Jumps Course, at No1 Parachute School (PTS), RAF Brize Norton.

After a two-week course and having completed eight satisfactory descents, soldiers are then awarded the most coveted award across all military services: the parachute 'wings'.

Having earned their wings, an important part of training for soldiers within 144 Parachute Medical Squadron, is parachuting.

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