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4 Armoured Medical Regiment

4 Armoured Medical Regiment consists of 5 Task Squadrons (4 Area Medical Squadrons and an Evacuation Squadron) as well as a Headquarters Squadron.
In July of 2013, 4 Medical Regiment re-rolled to become 4 Armoured Medical Regiment. This change saw the introduction of AFV 432 (Bulldog) to the existing fleet of vehicles. The added capability allows for the facilitation and provision of Role 1 Medical support within an Armoured Infantry Brigade.

The transition has also seen the Regiment commence training to assume the interim Lead Armoured Battle Group capability. Significant ORBAT and training changes within the Unit have taken place and the individual and group mindset has quickly shifted away from Afghanistan and towards contingency. The current ORBAT consists of a high readiness squadron, a training Squadron and a support squadron.

Training is centred on providing a professionally competent medic and professionally qualified clinicians, with an agile mind and therefore able to react and act in the armoured construct. The Regiment has and is active in BATUS deployments in order to refine individual and collective skills.

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