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Access to Logistics

What is A2L?

Access to Logistics is a way for you to get trained and qualified as an Army Reservist, and your way in to a civilian career in logistics and supply. The 10 week course includes soldier training, trade training, and driving qualifications – you can choose to become either an Army logistician, chef, or HR specialist. You will be well paid for all your training, including earning your driving licence, and you will be given certain weeks and weekend off to relax and recuperate too!

At the end of the programme you will be fitter and more qualified, you will have earned your driving licence (or earned more advanced ones if you already have one), made friends, and had experiences you could never have in the civilian world. You will also be will be given a boost to find a meaningful civilian job, helped by the experience and skills you gained in training, and will continue to serve as a Reservist in your spare time.


Courses are run several times a year. Your training will begin either in your college, a college local to you, or at a nearby Army Reserve Centre. During this time you will join a team of recruits preparing for selection under the guidance of our expert instructors.

You will undergo a few days of pre-training before attending your basic soldier training for three weeks at an Army Training Regiment. You will live alongside fellow Reservists and receive training from the best military instructors in the world. They will push you hard, because you will need to meet the same standards as your regular Army counterparts. You will be challenged mentally and physically, but will finish the course with an enormous sense of pride and achievement when your families watch you at your pass off parade.

You will then take a start the next phase of training, which will combine your trade training as a chef or a supply specialist with driver training and adventurous training. This phase of training will be less arduous and more focused on giving you a practical skillset that you can use on operations. The skills learned here translate well into civilian life, and come with civilian accreditation. Adventurous training could consist of rock climbing, kayaking, mountaineering, caving, or one of a huge range of courses run by the Army. We will cover all the costs of obtaining your driving licence, including paying you to learn.

What happens after the course?

On completion of training you will have taken the first step on a career in logistics. We guarantee you an interview with DHL Supply Chain if you are interested in working in logistics in the future.

You are part of the regimental family the moment you decide to join the Army Reserve. Once you are a fully trained Reservist, you can start working and training with the regiment, attend our weekly training evenings, and considering further training, exercises, and operational deployments. For those who wish to, there are continuous opportunities a training deployments to Kenya and Canada, which are an amazing opportunity to experience everything that Army life can give you while putting your new skills to the test.

Some who pass A2L will want to go on to join the Regular Army as a full-time soldier, and some may display the determination and aptitude to become an officer in the Reserves or Regular Army. Everyone who does will receive personal mentoring and advice in how to best progress their Army career.


All our roles are open to men and women, and we are proud to employ people from all backgrounds. However, you must be British, Irish, or from a Commonwealth country to join the British Army. You must be fit and healthy, so there is a medical screening early in the process. Criminal convictions and tattoos can be a barrier to entry, but generally are not. Anyone between the ages of 17 and 9 months and 50 can join. If your fitness is not up to scratch, don’t worry! We will make sure you are well prepared for all eventualities.

What do I need to do?

Get in touch! Message us on Facebook. Email 159RLC-recruitment@mod.uk. Call our recruiting team on 0782 691 4960

Click here to register an interest – the sooner you do this, the easier your application process will be. Doing this doesn’t commit you to anything, so if you think A2L might interest you fill it out today!

What can A2L do for me?

We will pay you to learn, train, get fit, and make friends for life. We will set you up for a career in logistics and give you experiences you can’t get anywhere else.

We will pay you to earn your driving licence, as well as learning other valuable skills.

You will be paid a daily wage as a recruit and as a trained soldier. You will receive a total of £2300 in training bonuses, and you will be housed and fed during your training.

Is A2L for me?

The Army Reserve fits around your life and commitments – A2L is aimed at people who have or can get ten consecutive weeks free to train and qualify as Army Reservists, and to continue their part-time Army career into the future. If you don’t have this time available but would still like to join us please get in touch; our training schedule is tailored to fit your needs.

What is the Army Reserve?

The Army Reserve is at the heart of the British Army and provides an essential part of the UK’s defence capability. The British Army is integrated by design between the Regular Army and the Army Reserve, with the latter providing access to some specialist skills and expertise that the Army does not routinely hold. Critically, it’s about being a soldier in your spare time, and being paid for it. The overwhelming majority of my Army Reserve soldiers have full time civilian jobs and are part time soldiers alongside this.

Who are 159 Regiment RLC?

We are the Midland’s Army Reserve logistic regiment. We have Squadrons or Detachments in Telford, Stoke on Trent, Burton on Trent, Grantham, West Bromwich and Coventry (also the location of our Regimental Headquarters). We normally train at each of these locations on Wednesday nights and have about one weekend per month training at a base, normally also somewhere in the midlands area. We are part of 102 Logistic Brigade (based in Grantham) who provide all the logistical, medical and engineering support to 1st (United Kingdom) Division, based in York. Our role as a Regiment is principally to manage the Army’s supply chain when deployed overseas on operations or large training exercises. We also have very close relationships with two Regular Army Royal Logistic Corps Regiments, 6 Regiment in Germany (although shortly to be based in Yorkshire) and 7 Regiment in Cotttesmore (Lincolnshire). We often conduct training and other activities, such as overseas exercises, with them.

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