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159 Regiment RLC are recruiting now. We seek good people, who want to be part of a strong team where they feel valued and that they can make a positive contribution, no matter what their background or experience. All are welcome, so long as they are enthusiastic, hard working and committed.

We also appreciate that most people are trying to balance a principal employment and family alongside their Army Reserve commitment. We will always try to support you as best we can in this regard, for example, by publishing the dates of our major training activities as far in advance as possible, normally using our Facebook site.

A concern for many seeking to be a Reservist Soldier is the fitness requirements. comments such as “I am not fit enough to cope with the training!” is common place… The initial fitness requirements are not demanding; the training is progressive and designed to meet the needs of the individual, we will prepare and nurture you through to the finish line. You could almost say we appoint you a personal trainer to assist in your progression, offering advice and assistance where needed.

The link below is an excellent personal guide to start the process for yourself, it offers you an app which can be downloaded to your phone.


The following part-time roles are available to you within 159 Regiment RLC. All roles are open to males and females:

All our roles have the opportunity to gain their car, truck and fork-lift licences whilst being paid.

Logistic Supply Specialist

In this role you will train to be an expert in warehouse operations and supply chain management. Using the Ministry of Defence’s inventory management software, you will be able to support the timely supply and distribution of materiel around the world in support of operations and training.

 This can be for anything from spare parts for tanks and trucks to ammunition, food or fuel. There are some excellent transferable skills into the civilian sector and the chance to gain some superb qualifications as you progress through the ranks.

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Are you creative and have a passion for food? As a chef in the British Army you’ll be helping keep soldiers fighting fit, producing healthy and well balanced meals from a very well maintained regimental mess to a make shift operational kitchen anywhere in the world!

Army Chefs have a really exciting and challenging role and are leaders in NVQ development, allowing yours skills, qualifications and experience to be much prized in the civilian market!

From a Foundation Modern Apprenticeship (FMA) to a Degree in Hotel and Catering Hospitality, you’ll receive unparalleled training and be one of the best in your field.

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HR Specialist

Like every organisation the Army needs financial, administrative and IT skills, wherever it is in the world. As part of the SPS Reserve you will be required to provide an essential and professional service in supporting and helping administer Service personnel on Operations and in Barracks.

Your role will be to provide Human Resources specialisation in Personnel support and Business Administration, Finance and Accounting Support as well as information administration.

SPS personnel are 'soldiers first' and therefore will be expected to integrate fully into 159 Regiment RLC whether on operations, exercises or adventure training.

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Combat Medical Technician

There are a small number of posts in the Regiment for
Combat Medical Technicians. You get training in primary
and pre-hospital skills, from advanced life-support techniques to health and hygiene in the field, as well as medical logistics knowledge.

Training takes place over a series of weekend courses, plus a two-week residential course. It takes about 12 months to complete your training, and by the end of it you have all the skills you need.

You give emergency treatment, evacuate casualties and deal with the day-to-day medical needs of soldiers in conflict and peacetime. You work under the expert guidance of doctors in medical centres, or in the challenging conditions of a front-line base.

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Financial Incentives

As a part of the Army Reserve, we are able to offer some significant financial benefits. In your first year, for just 27 days training, you could earn £2964. This would be made up as follows:

  • £300 bonus for joining
  • £1000 bonus for completing recruit training
  • £1228 for 27 days pay
  • £436 tax free allowance, for completing 27 days training or more (note that after 5 years in the Army Reserve, this rises to £1725 tax-free per year!).

Reservists are also entitled to an Armed Forces railcard, offering you 1/3rd off all rail fares.

If you are interested in becoming a part-time soldier, then get in touch. With the exception of your two-week courses or exercises and training weekends, you will still live at home but have the opportunity to be part of a strong and welcoming team with great camaraderie. You will also have the opportunity to travel, gain new skills and qualifications, get fit and do something interesting! Send us an email or give us a call.


07826 914 960

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