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29 Regiment

29 Regiment RLC, part of 104 Logistic Support Brigade, is the Army’s centre of gravity for both movements support and postal & courier capabilities. The Regiment is located at the Duke of Gloucester Barracks, South Cerney; where it operates the Joint Air Mounting Centre. Additionally the Regiment has sub-units in Germany providing the Firm Base support.


Provide postal, courier, movement control and logistic command and control capability at readiness for operations, in order to enable operational success.


29 Regiment Royal Corps of Transport (RCT) was formed in 1970 at Devizes in Wiltshire. It soon moved to RAF South Cerney in 1971, which was renamed the Duke of Gloucester Barracks. In 1993, 29 Regiment RLC was formed with the Mov Con elements later joining the Postal & Courier (PC) elements of 2 PC Regiment RE. In 2014, squadrons from 24 Regiment RLC were re-subordinated to 29 Regiment RLC.


29 Regiment RLC has a distinguished history, having played a part in all major operational deployments over the last 40 years. Due to the unique nature of the Regiment’s trades, it has seen regular deployment, supporting the Army wherever it is operating. Events in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 10 years were a big focus for all squadrons who deployed regularly in both theatres from the very start of operations. Despite having redeployed from Helmand Province, the Regiment still has a presence in Afghanistan and the Middle East with a significant number of small detachments.


Under A2020 all six squadrons; 50, 55 (HQ), 59, 69, 80 and 99 are developing a stronger relationship with our paired reserve, 162 Regiment RLC, alongside twinned units in Canada, France and the USA. The squadrons currently in Germany will re-locate to South Cerney by 2018.


50 Squadron

50 Postal Courier and Movement Control Squadron RLC

50 Postal Courier and Movement Control Squadron is based in South Cerney at the Duke of Gloucester Barracks, Gloucestershire.

Movement Control Troop

50 Sqn Movement Controller troop will soon occupy the Joint Air Mounting Centre (JAMC), responsible for processing flights, freights and vehicles for onward movement to RAF Brize Norton and operations and Exercises around the world.

50 Squadron will process units from the entirety of the British Army, as well as elements of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. A small team will also work closely alongside the RAF in the Air Transport Liaison Role, acting as a point of contact between the RAF and the British Army.

50 Squadron movers will be responsible for the processing of large numbers of personnel in preparation for flights through RAF Brize Norton. The squadron will also process the equipment being deployed by units transiting through the JAMC. Equipment is required to be in the correct condition for transportation via air and it is the responsibility of 50 Squadron movers to ensure that international regulations are adhered to so that personnel and equipment can be transported quickly and safely to the area of operations.

Postal Courier Troop

50 Sqn Postal and Courier Operators will soon take over the Postal Training Suite. The postal training suite is 29 Regiment’s primary training facility, used to ensure the postal trade is trained to a high standard to maintain operational effectiveness on exercise and operations. By providing a high-quality training environment, Postal and Courier operators can receive the essential training to allow the best possible services to servicemen and women on Operations and Exercises around the world.

59 Squadron

59 Postal Courier and Movement Control Squadron RLC

59 Postal Courier & Movement Control Squadron RLC is currently based in in South Cerney at the Duke of Gloucester Barracks in Gloucestershire.

Movement Control Troop

59 Squadron has recently been tasked with contributing movement control capabilities to worldwide tasking. In the previous year, personnel from 59 Squadron have been deployed to: USA, Jordan, Kenya, Sudan, Germany, Jamaica, Belize, Singapore, Greece, Canada, Bulgaria, Gibraltar, Estonia, Norway and the Falkland Islands.

Postal Courier Troop

Postal Courier Troop provides the daily operation of four Field Post Offices and the Bag Exchange office spanning the breadth of the British Forces Germany (BFG) footprint. They process all mail in and out of BFG for serving personnel and their dependants, providing everything from stamps for letters and parcels to local currency withdrawal and MoneyGram facilities. On a monthly basis the Bag Exchange Office receives nearly 15000 Kilos of mail in and sends 3500 Kilos of mail out for service personal and their dependants.
The four post offices across BFG handle almost €450000 a month. Highly skilled and trained in customer service these Postal Courier specialists are also supported by locally employed civilian staff both German citizen’s and forces dependants.

Sporting achievements

59 Squadron personnel are heavily involved in sporting activities outside of the Regiment. Two soldiers have been selected for the Talented Athlete Sports Selection program and are continuously competing in competitions outside of Regimental life. They are continuously supported by the Regiment and have been very successful in their sporting achievements.

69 Squadron

69 Postal Courier and Movement Control Squadron RLC

69 Postal Courier and Movement Control Squadron RLC is currently based in Bielefeld Germany. It sits at the heart of the British Forces Germany (BFG) community providing firm-base support to military and civilian personnel and their families. This support also extends to British military exercises and operations in or transiting through North West Europe.

69 Squadron has a long history in Germany, but has not always been under the command of 29 Regiment RLC. It was once one of two movement-control task Squadron’s within 24 Regiment RLC, responsible for providing movement control support across BFG as well as undertaking worldwide tasks. Although 69 Sqn provides firm-base support to BFG its soldiers are still poised to deploy on exercises and operations anywhere in the world and maintain their readiness accordingly. The Squadron has recently deployed personnel to Kenya, South Sudan, Sierra Leone and Malawi.

Providing firmbase operations means 69 Sqn Postal Courier specialists and Movement Controllers execute their trade tasks every day. They get to exercise and perfect their trade skills and expertise in a challenging live environment whilst experiencing life abroad. Life in BFG also offers a unique opportunity to travel, experience different European cultures and enjoy a broad array of adventurous training activities from sailing to sky diving, alongside the numerous ski resorts within easy reach.

80 Squadron

80 Postal Courier and Movement Control Squadron RLC

80 Postal Courier and Movement Control Squadron are based in South Cerney at the Duke Of Gloucester Barracks, Gloucestershire.

80 Sqn Movement Controller will soon leave the Joint Air Mounting Centre (JAMC), and will move onto standing commitments worldwide.

Personnel from 80 squadron will deploy to locations worldwide to assist with movement control and postal courier taskings. This will include deployments for 3-6 months to the broader Middle East (BMI), British forces South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI) and to BATUS (British Army Training Unit Suffield).

Movement controllers will conduct a variety of roles and will assist in exercises and operations, allowing seamless movement of service personnel around the globe whist maintaining postal and courier services. Working in small teams, postal courier and movement control soldiers will deploy worldwide and will be given huge responsibility, using their knowledge and experience to ensure the successful logistical move of personnel and equipment to operational theatres and exercises areas and ensuring a continuous mail service is maintained through British Forces Post Offices (BFPO) worldwide.

99 Squadron

99 Postal Courier and Movement Control Squadron RLC

99 Postal Courier and Movement Control Squadron is one of several task squadrons based in South Cerney at the Duke Of Gloucester Barracks, Gloucestershire. 99 Squadron returned to the UK from British Forces Germany in the summer of 2016.

99 Squadron is heavily committed to operations around the world. Recent deployments include: Afghanistan, Africa, The Middle East, Canada and Kenya.

The Squadron is constantly busy, with soldiers regularly deploying at short notice to these, and other locations, in small teams to assist with movement control and postal courier tasking worldwide.

Other activities

Personnel in the squadron have been involved in activities which includes Iron Man competitions, cross country championships and Regimental rugby competitions.

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