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9 Regiment

9 Regiment's role is to oversee the supply chain on operations. This is achieved by controlling stocks from the UK all the way forward to the fighting Brigades.

9 Regiment was formed on 5 April 1993 on the formation of the Royal Logistic Corps.

The Regiment and its Squadrons have a high operational tempo and since 1993 have participated in operations in the following countries: The Former Republic of Yugoslavia, Kuwait, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Angola, kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Training at home is important and the regiment has high standards. The regiment is the centre of Logistic Specialist (Supply) excellence within 101 Logistic Brigade and soldier training is continual and progressive.

9 Regiment has just over 800 personnel from 20 different RLC trades. It is one of the most culturally diverse regiments in the British Army. All officers and soldiers serving in the regiment are an integral part of a high-spirited multicultural communtiy.

Service with 9 Regiment will guarantee opportunities for sports, adventurous training and participation in a variety of exercises and operational deployments. All sporting and adventurous training activities are fully embraced at the regiment.


Buckley Barracks, the home of 9 Regiment near Chippenham in Wiltshire, is named after Major John Buckley VC. Major Buckley was awarded the Victoria Cross for his valliant actions in defence of the Delhi Magazine during the Indian Mutiny in May 1857.

Serving as a Deputy Assistant Commissary at the time, John Buckley and his comrades took the decision to blow up the Dehli Magazine in the face of an overwhelming force of mutineers whilst they were still inside defending their position.

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