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RLC Benevolence

What is RLC benevolence and am I entitled to it?

From 1 January 1995 The Royal Logistic Corps introduced three schemes for the support of serving and retired members of the Corps. These schemes are

  • Benevolent Grant Scheme for serving and retired RLC personnel and eligible dependants.
  • Medical Discharge Grant Scheme for serving members of the RLC Association only.
  • Off Duty Accident, Death or Injury Grant Scheme for serving members of the RLC Association only.

Eligibility for assistance under the Benevolent Grant Scheme is based solely on need. Eligibility for the Medical Discharge Scheme and the Off Duty Accident, Death or Injury Grant schemes is based not only on need but on two years service contributing to the Day's Pay Scheme (DPS).


  • £400 to a young RLC soldier who, after leaving the Army, got into financial and other difficulties, lost his job and home. 
  • £500 to the family of a single RLC Sgt who had died in a RTA in Germany to enable the parents and the soldier#s son to visit the Regiment and sort out the soldier's possessions. 
  • £600, shared equally with the RASC/RCT Association, to an ex-RLC soldier (who also served in the RCT) who was medically discharged, for essential living costs whilst undertaking a re-training course. The ABF contributed an educational bursary for tuition costs. 
  • £500, to an ex-RLC and RAOC soldier to enable him to re-establish his life on release from prison. 
  • £400 to a serving RLC soldier to help him pay for the funeral of his child who died at birth.

How can you or your dependants take advantage of these schemes?

For the Benevolence Scheme - contact your local SSAFA Forces Help or Royal British Legion or the Army Welfare Service or Unit Welfare Officer. They will then put together a case for consideration by the RLC Controller Benevolence at Deepcut.

For the Medical Discharge Scheme - MCM Division Glasgow lets RHQ The RLC know when RLC personnel are being medically discharged. If you have subscribed to the Day's Pay Scheme and have had two years service with the RLC you will receive a letter from us informing you of the grant. If you don't receive a letter a month after you have left get in touch with RHQ.

For the Off Duty Insurance Scheme - provided you have subscribed to the Day's Pay Scheme, as soon as you are able after an accident apply, giving all the circumstances you can, through your unit to RHQ the RLC and we will process the claim. Of course if you are unfortunate enough to have died in an off duty accident your unit should apply on your behalf so that your dependants or Next of Kin can benefit.

Controller Benevolence

The Controller is responsible for

  • Benevolence
  • Association
  • Events

Last Post

Recorded are details of those who have died whilst in service with the RLC and whose names are recorded in the Book of Remembrance in the Corps Church of St Barbara's at Deepcut.

Points of View

If you have any comments or thoughts on the RLC Association we would welcome them.

Contact The Controller

Controller Benevolence
Dettingen House
GU16 6RW

Telephone: 01252 833363
Email: DRLC-RHQ-RLCControllerSO2@mod.uk

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