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7 Military Intelligence

7 Military Intelligence Battalion is an Army Reserve unit under the operational command of the 1st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade, within the Field Army.

The Battalion is highly operationally focused. Most of its officers and soldiers have completed operational deployments, including the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. When deployed they are completely integrated with and work alongside their regular army Intelligence Corps counterparts. 

The Battalion’s current focus is to provide Multi-Functional Military Intelligence support to 3rd (UK) Division and subordinate brigades, and imagery analysis support to the Watchkeeper Force whilst continuing to deploy soldiers alongside their regular counterparts in support of current operations. 

The 345-strong Battalion has three Military Intelligence (MI) companies. 71 MI Company is based in Bristol, Newport and Exeter, 72 MI Company is based in Southampton and Poole and 73 MI Company is based in Hermitage.

The Battalion’s strength is its people. Their common motivation for joining is to seek an intellectual and physical challenge. They come from a range of backgrounds and represent a cross-section of high calibre talent from across the UK.

Most members of the Battalion are educated to degree level, however the key qualities that we require are an inquisitive open mind, an analytical and logical thought process, and the ability to provide written and verbal briefs to commanders.

The Battalion provides the necessary training to enable recruits to become Military Intelligence analysts with opportunities to progress to specialist training in Imagery Analysis. 

The training emphasis is on building core Operational Intelligence (OPINT) skills and an understanding of actual and potential theatres of operation. 

Analysts need to be able to draw information from a wide variety of sources, ranging from open source material from the news media to highly classified information. 

They must be able to understand complex situations and then communicate their conclusions to decision makers.

Specialist skills across the range of intelligence disciplines may then be developed to broaden their skills. Members of the Battalion have worked on operations in Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), Weapons Intelligence (WIS), Exploitation (EXP), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) and the utilisation of language skills.

All Military Intelligence operators are soldiers first, and provide support to the Field Army. This means that all our personnel need to meet the minimum fitness standards of the Army and have the ability, should the operational environment require it, to deploy to austere locations. The Battalion has a robust close combat skills package and field craft is regularly practiced. Prior to any deployment, personnel undergo a specific pre-deployment training package to prepare them for operational service.

The Battalion develops its leaders through a comprehensive Command, Leadership and Management package. This incorporates adventure training, challenge pursuits and sports – the Battalion currently competes at army level in running, orienteering, angling and shooting.

Recruit vacancies

We are looking for committed men and women to serve as officers and soldiers within 7 MI Battalion as Military Intelligence Operators, willing to give up their time to train and operate alongside the regular army, on exercise and operations.

In addition to recruiting people new to the Army as both soldiers and officers, we seek to recruit across the rank structure, where opportunities exist at all ranks. For personnel with the correct aptitude, we can accept transferees from other units within the Reserve Forces and from regular or ex-regular personnel.

All applicants interested in joining 7 MI Battalion go through a selection process to ensure that they have the right aptitudes and motivations for intelligence work. This applies to all new recruits and transferees, irrespective of rank. Exemptions apply to regular and ex-regular INT CORPS personnel who wish to join the Reserves.

7 MI Battalion also have a small number of vacancies for personnel from other cap badges, including military training instructors, Royal Signals personnel, military chefs, combat medics, and human resources specialists.

Enlistment requirements

Officers - You can apply to become a Reservist officer when you're 17 years and 9 months - ready to start when you turn 18. The last point that you can apply to join is when you're 48 years and 9 months

Soldiers - You can apply to become a Reservist soldier when you're 17 years and 9 months - ready to start when you turn 18. You can join until the day before your 50th birthday.

There are no minimum nationality requirements for a security clearance and the fact that a person is not a British national is not, therefore, by itself a bar to security clearance. Dual nationality is not a bar to application. Applicants should have been resident in UK for the last 10 years. If there are any questions regarding a candidate's eligibility please call the recruiting officer.

Qualifications required

Officers - 180 UCAS Tariff points and 35 ALIS points (including GCSE English Language, Maths and either a Science or Foreign Language at grade C or above).


  • 5 x GCSEs at grade C or above
  • One must be in English language
  • Other four must be in academic subjects (Maths preferred but not essential. However, Maths numeracy level 2 is required).

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