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3 Military Intelligence

3 Military Intelligence Battalion is an Army Reserve unit under the operational command of 1 Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade within Force Troops Command and is based in London and Cambridge.

The Battalion is extremely operationally focussed, with a very large number of its officers and soldiers having completed operational deployments. In the past, the Unit has deployed personnel to Kuwait, the Balkans, Sierra Leone, Iraq, most recently to Afghanistan and in support of operations in Libya.

They also support deployed personnel working within the London area. When deployed they are completely integrated with and work alongside their Regular Army Intelligence Corps counterparts.

The Battalion has four Military Intelligence (MI) companies (Coy). 31 MI Coy is co-located with the Battalion Headquarters in Ashford House Army Reserve Centre on Worship Street, very close to the City. 32 MI Coy is located at Coldham’s Lane Army Reserve Centre in Cambridge and 33 and 34 MI Coys are located in Hampstead, in Edinburgh House on Fitzjohn’s Avenue.

Like every other Intelligence Corps Unit, the Battalion's strength is its people. Their common motive for joining is to seek an intellectual and physical challenge and work within the intelligence arena. They come from a range of backgrounds and represent a cross section of high calibre talent from across London, the Home Counties and the South East Region of the UK.

Our people come from all walks of life including professional and non-professionals. There are entry criteria and all applicants wishing to join are put through a Technical Selection process, to ensure they have the right aptitudes and motivations for intelligence work, plus ensuring that this is something that they wish to get involved with.

On joining the Battalion all personnel undergo initial Phase 1 training to become a soldier. Thereafter they undergo a varied and challenging Phase 2 Intelligence training package, turning them into Intelligence Operators able to participate in a wide range of intelligence activities. Further training occurs throughout a person’s career, both as an MI Operator as well as in a range of other intelligence Specialisations.

The Battalion delivers competent MI Operators who are highly capable analysts and confident leaders and soldiers. As analysts the training emphasis is on building strong, core Operational Intelligence (OPINT) skills, overlaid by an understanding of actual and emerging threats and theatres of operation.

Analysts need to be able to draw information from a wide range of sources, classified or open. They must be able to understand complex situations and then communicate their conclusions to decision makers often under the pressures of time and the operational situation.

As leaders, they must have the judgement and confidence to brief accurately and with confidence. The Battalion develops its leaders through a comprehensive Command, Leadership and Management package.

Social and sporting activities

Alongside its formal military functions the Battalion has a strong family ethos with a wide range of social, sporting and other activities. Both Army Reserve Centres have a bar and these are fully utilised for social events through out the year. The Officers' Mess and the Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess are active organisations, but there are also plenty of All Ranks social activities.

There are numerous sporting activities available, our soldiers and officers join all the Regular Intelligence Corps sports team and compete at a very high level. There is the opportunity to start your own sports team, and the Battalion has just started the Corps Equestrian Team - an example that every opportunity is open to our soldiers and officers. There are numerous Adventure Training opportunities - to both join Regular expeditions, or organise an event for the Battalion.

Recruit vacancies

We are actively looking for committed men and women to serve as Military Intelligence Operators, who are willing to give up their time to train and operate alongside the Regular Army on exercise and operations as officers and soldiers. This is asking for a considerable commitment however, the challenges members will meet and overcome will deliver rewards both personal and financial.

3 MI Battalion also has a small number of vacancies for Military Chefs and Clerks and for Military Skills Instructors. These posts support the delivery of the Unit’s outputs and are a critical part of the team.

Enlistment requirements

Officers - 18 to 34 years of age (on entry to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)

Soldiers - Ideally between 18-32 years of age but all applications up to the age of 43 will be considered. (Ex–Regulars may be considered over the age of 43 on a case by case basis).

There are no minimum nationality requirements for a security clearance and the fact that a person is not a British national is not, therefore, by itself a bar to security clearance. Dual nationality is not a bar to application. Applicants should have been resident in UK for the last 10 years. If there are any questions regarding a candidate's eligibility please call the recruiting officer.

Qualifications required

Officers - 2 x A Levels Grade E and above (180 UCAS Tariff pts), 7 x GCSEs (35 ALIS pts, must include Eng Lang, Maths and either a Science or Foreign Language at C or above).


  • 5 x GCSEs at grade C or above
  • One must be in English language
  • Other four must be in academic subjects (Maths preferred but not essential. However, Maths numeracy level 2 is required).

Contacts and applications

Recruiting Officer - Captain C K Scott

The Recruiting Officer should be contacted on 020 7611 3912 or by means of an e-mail to: 3mi-roso@mod.uk

Please ensure that you include your CV and a contact number. The Recruiting Officer will then complete an Enquiry Form to check you meet the entry criteria before an application pack is e-mailed to you and an invitation is given to attend one of the programmed, monthly Open Evenings at Ashford House, 79-85 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2BE.

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