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About Us

Our Role
We are a large Scottish regiment bound by our unified purpose - to deliver a modern infantry fighting capability for the UK and its Defence requirements around the world.

Central to this are our dynamic operational units ready to face the future and meet its warfare challenges. The beating heart of these units is the 21st Century Scottish soldier - The Jock. Our people are professional, confident in their collective ability and proud of their fighting spirit.

Our Ethos
The Royal Regiment of Scotland is focused on our most valuable asset, The Jock, a proven fighting man who personifies our cherished core values - courage, character, humour, humility, fighting spirit, discipline and decency.

From the most junior Jock to the Commanding Officers, we foster a culture of eagerness to develop and adapt as conflict changes, and to overcome the challenges which arise. We maximise our capability by integrating full and part-time soldiers striving for the highest professional standards in accorance with the Army's values.

We draw our strength from Scotland, its communities, psyche and culture. Our soldiers have always thrived on the unrivalled support that we have received from the Scottish people and our Battalions are justifiably proud of their local and historic links.

Our Family
We are a family Regiment and our commitment to our people extends from the cradle to the grave. Our inclusive team encompasses Regular soldiers, Reservists, Veterans and Cadets offering a lifetime of comradeship.

Our Veterans - those who have served in the Regiment and/or its historic forebears - have a unique bond with our serving Jocks as Scottish infantrymen. Tenacious, exacting, loyal and equipped with a unique brand of humour, our front line soldiers past and present can be confident in the covenant of mutual support that exists within the Regiment.

We are a forward-looking Regimend and our associated Cadets complete the Regimental family. Our Cadets help us build for the future and develop young people in Scotland enabling them to explore their potential.

The Regiment relies upon the support that it draws from - the families of our serving personnel, the communities from where we are drawn, and Scotland as a nation.

Our Pageantry
Her Majesty the Queen is the Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

From our rich heritage, the Regiment has inherited a wealth of Regimental music for both our Pipes and Drums and Military Bands. Music is an essential part of Regimental life and you can read more about this via the 'Pipes and Drums' link on the left hand side of the page.


Our Mascot
Our Regimental Mascot is Cruachan the Shetland Pony. On formal occasions he leads the Regiment on parade and represents us at events across Scotland.

Our current mascot is Cruachan 4. He continues a tradition that started in 1928 when HRH Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, as Colonel in Chief presented a Shetland Pony to her Regiment. The name Cruachan comes from the war cry of Clan Campbell.


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