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RGR on operations

The Gurkhas have been involved in almost every conflict that the British Army has deployed to in the last 200 years. Our battle honours are proudly displayed on the Regimental bass drum, but they do not tell the whole story.

Past and present conflicts

The men in the battalion today and their forebears have served with distinction in many conflicts not listed such as Cyprus, Borneo, Malaya, the Falklands, Ivory Coast, Congo, East Timor, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, as well as Afghanistan.

The battalion's most recent operational deployment has been to Afghanistan.

Both 1 RGR and 2 RGR and Gurkha Reinforcement Companies have deployed on several tours of Afghanistan during Op HERRICK. 2RGR deployed to Kabul on Op TORAL 3 in 2016.

Gurkha soldier in Afghanistan

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