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Officer recruitment

There are only a handful of commissions available in the Welsh Guards each year and competition is fierce. If you have the physical and mental attributes, the character and confidence to succeed then the procedure for becoming a young officer in one of the most famous Regiments in the world is outlined below.

Officer - how to join

Step 1 - Gain the necessary academic qualifications - Ensure you have the academic qualifications required.

Step 2 - Make contact by e-mailing Colonel T C S Bonas at INFHQ-FTGDS-WG-REGTADJT@MOD.UK. The telephone number is 020 7414 3288. Simultaneously apply online for the Army Officer Selection Board (link on right hand side of page).

Step 3 - The Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) - Anyone wishing to become an officer must first attend and pass a two-stage selection process at the AOSB at Westbury in Wiltshire.

Note: A sixth form scholarship is available for applicants who would like financial sponsorship through their last two years of school. For more information follow the 'Wanted: Future Officers' link on the right-hand side of this page.

Step 4 - Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) - When you have completed your academic training and you've passed the AOSB, you are eligible to begin training at Sandhurst. Most officer cadets will complete the 11 month Commissioning Course at Sandhurst. This consists of three 14 week terms. Training covers a wide range of skills and knowledge from management, leadership, fitness and weapon handling. See the link on the right.

Step 5 - Your Commission - After successful completion of your training at Sandhurst, you are awarded a commission. The normal commission for a young officer joining the Welsh Guards is a Short Service limited Commission (SSC), offering a 3 year term of service.

Step 6 - Platoon Commanders Battle Course (PCBC) - Following Sandhurst you will attend specialised Infantry Training on the Platoon Commanders Battle Course at Brecon in south Wales. Further training occurs throughout your career in order to qualify and prepare you for your new levels of command and responsibility.

The Final Step - Joining the Regiment - You have finally arrived and you will join one of the rifle companies as a Platoon Commander and be part of the Officer's Mess.

Good luck with your application and decision making, the Welsh Guards will be guaranteed to be the right one!

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