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Training and education

The Royal Irish Regiment conduct many kinds of training. To prepare for High Intensity Operations we conduct military training, but we also train our soldiers to recognised national levels. We train all our soldiers to drive various military vehicles and many will gain their HGV licence.


To prepare for High Intensity Operations we have conducted exercises in the USA, Norway, Belize, France, Botswana, Italy, Canada, Brunei, Spain, Jamaica and Kenya.

Due to our location at Clive Barracks, Shropshire, we are able to access all the main Army Training Areas within a few hours. Wales is just on our doorstep and provides an excellent facility for robust infantry training. For smaller scale training we have an area attached to the camp we have use of whenever we need it.

16 Air Assault Brigade exercises regularly on Salisbury Plain, where we have the opportunity in participating in combined-arms training with the RAF providing fast-air and helicopters, and the use of Copehill Down, the village used to train for Urban Operations (OBUA).

Kenya and Oman provide the perfect opportunity for realistic training, as we are able to deploy with elements of the Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers, giving us even more realistic training for operations - and war.



To prepare for High Intensity Operations in Afghanistan and around the world 1 R IRISH Battlegroup conducted a Battlegroup live-firing exercise in Kenya in July 2012. Kenya provides the perfect opportunity for realistic training, as we deployed with elements of the Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers who would join us on future deployments.


There is ample opportunity in barracks and on operations for your own personal development. We encourage all ranks to spend their time wisely and complete courses that will either enable them to progress further in the Army, or for their own development.

Soldiers need to be able to drive - and not just a car. We aim to have all Rangers (and above) able to drive a car (B license), anything over 7.5 tonnes (C license) and over 7.5 tonnes with a trailer (C+E). There is also ample opportunity to learn to ride a motorbike (A license) and convert your B and C license to all different kinds of vehicles that we have to use. All these licenses would cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds, and we teach you for free.

Not only that, but everyone in the Army receives Standard Learning Credits (SLC) that can be used against any course - for example SLC may pay for learning a language, or a professional qualification or training in an area that you enjoy.

We also have Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) that can be used against educational courses and can be worth up to £1000 a year, for a number of years. Who else will give you that opportunity?

At each level of your training you are elligable for an NVQ to show that your efforts in the Army have an equivalence in civvie street. Not only that but if you didn't do too well at school we will get you up to standard in your own time, and pay for it too.

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