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Sport and adventurous training

A soldier needs to be at the peak of his physical condition, and most of the Rangers will play some form of sport - whether it be football, rugby or any other sport. Not only are we aggressive on the battlefield, but we channel our aggression into winning on the sports field.


Whatever sport you play you will be encouraged to carry it on in the Regiment. If you play football then why not join the football team and train with our players? We have teams for just about any sport you can think of whether it be a team game or an individual event.

Why not try something new? Joining the Regiment opens up a world of new sports - have you ever thought of becoming a professional marksman, a triathlete or a power lifter? Join us and try whatever you fancy. If you are good enough you will get time to train and maybe even represent your company, your battalion or even your Army. We have plenty of Infantry rugby players who receive time off to go and compete against the likes of the Engineers, the Artillery and the other parts of the Army.

Wednesday afternoon is for sports, and you can take the time to go and play your sport or do your own personal fitness. Where else do you get that opportunity?

Adventurous training

When was the last time you went canoing, skiing or climbing? At school? Maybe you paid to go for a holiday earlier this year, or last year or even longer ago. Hang around on a cliff face in Canada, not a street corner in Armagh.

Being part of the Regiment means you have access to all the adventure training offered by the Army, from trekking through to skydiving. Best of all it comes at a greatly reduced price thanks to the subsidies from the Regiment. Whereas in civvie street you might pay £400 - £500 for a weeks climbing, we might have to pay only £100, or even get it for free.

Not only does the Regiment pay for you to go adventure training, but it will pay for you to become a qualified instructor. We need climbing instructors and Mountain Leaders, and the more instructors we have then the more of our soldiers can do that sport for free.

In civvie street getting a qualification might cost you hundreds of pounds, but through the Army it might be free. It is all a part of our military training - pushing ourselves to the edge of our comfort zone and then stepping beyond.

How can you afford not to be a part of it?

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