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A Company

A Company is the Army Reserve Infantry Company of 7 SCOTS that covers the East and North East of Scotland. A Company headquarters is based in Dundee with Platoons in Aberdeen and Kirkcaldy.

Company Profile

A Company is a Fire Support Company. Its main role is to provide officers and soldiers that are trained and experienced in dismounted close combat to support regular units on operations. A Company is formed of three platoons; an infantry Rifle Platoon, a specialist 81mm Mortar Platoon and a specialist Javelin Anti Tank Platoon.


Rifle Platoons are the main fighting force of the army. They contain approximately 30 soldiers, all of which are trained as Combat Infantrymen. It is one of the most varied jobs in the army and our infantrymen are trained to deploy on foot patrols in some of the most challenging environments in the world. The job is both physically and mentally demanding and the training is designed to be progressive and build you up to that standard. Once qualified in this role, you can progress on and become one of the fitness instructors that train others to the same high standard.

The Mortar Platoon contains approximately 40 soldiers and is responsible for providing the Battalion with an indirect fire support capability with its 81mm, High Explosive (HE) and Illuminating (Illum) Mortar ammunition. The Platoon is commanded by the Mortar Platoon Commander, a Captain, who takes overall responsibility for everything that the platoon is tasked to do.

The Javelin Anti Tank Platoon contains approximately 30 soldiers and is responsible for providing the Battalion with a Main BattleTank (MBT) and Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) killing capability with its Javelin Anti Tank weapon systems. The Platoon is commanded by the Anti Tank Platoon Commander, a Captain, who takes overall responsibility for everything that the platoon is tasked to do.

We also rely on support specialists to ensure that our soldiers and equipment remain at the highest standards at all times. See the links below to find out more about joining in one of these roles:

Combat Medical Technician
HR Specialist 


All of these soldiers need commanders, and in charge of each of the platoons is an Infantry Platoon Officer. His job is to lead and manage all of the soldiers within his platoon and ensure that they remain trained, motivated and fit to do their jobs. For this he receives additional training and pay.

Company Training

All locations meet and train on a Tuesday evening between 7.30pm and 9.30pm. In addition we train on one or two weekends each month. Every drill night you train, you are paid a quarter days pay, and you will receive 2.5 days pay for every weekend. In addition, if you meet the required standards, and attend more than 27 days per year (including a 15 day residential camp) then you will receive a tax-free lump sum training bounty.

Contact Details

If you are interested in joining as either a soldier or an officer, or just want to know more about us, contact us during the day on:

Dundee - 0131 310 4750
Stirling - 0131 310 4750
Kirkcaldy - 0131 310 4750


Email: 7SCOTS-BHQ-ROSO@mod.uk

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