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HQ Company

Headquarter (HQ) Company is situated in Queen’s Barracks, Perth, which is the heart of the Battalion and from where the Commanding Officer and his headquarters staff exercise command and control and provide administrative and logistical support. 

Company Profile

The Company is based in Perth but some of its members train with the other Companies, providing the benefit of their specialist training and expertise.


If you join Headquarter Company, you might serve in the Communications Information Systems (CIS) Platoon who are responsible for our communications, the Catering Platoon who feed us, the Medical Detachment who provide immediate first aid, the AGC SPS Detachment who provide our Human Resource (HR) support or even the Recruiting Team who process and mentor the next generation of 7 SCOTS soldiers from joining through to completion of their basic training.

The CIS Platoon is responsible for all communications equipment and planning in the Battalion. This ranges from smaller radios carried by soldiers on foot, to vehicle mounted equipment and long range High Frequency (HF) systems which can allow voice and data communications over 300 miles.

As a private soldier, your responsibilities would be managing communications equipment and helping to provide a robust communication system for use by up to 500 personnel. As you advance through the ranks you will also gain skills in leadership and management in addition to your specialist training. There is also the opportunity to obtain some very good civilian qualifications in IT and Digital Communications along the way.

The CIS Platoon is based in Perth and commanded by the Regimental Signals Officer (RSO), a Captain, who takes overall responsibility for everything that the Platoon is tasked to do.

We also rely on support specialists to ensure that our soldiers and equipment remain at the highest standards at all times. See the links below to find out more about joining in one of these roles:

Combat Medical Technician
HR Specialist


All of these soldiers need commanders, and in charge of each platoon or detachment there is normally a Platoon Officer. His job is to lead and manage all of the soldiers under his command and ensure that they remain trained, motivated and fit to do their jobs. For this he receives additional training and pay. 

Company Training

This location meets and trains on a Tuesday evening between 7.30pm and 9.30pm. In addition we train on one or two weekends each month. Every drill night you train, you are paid a quarter days pay, and you will receive 2.5 days pay for every weekend. In addition, if you meet the required standards, and attend more than 27 days per year (including a 15 day residential camp) then you will receive a tax-free lump sum training bounty. 

Contact Details

If you are interested in joining as either a soldier or an officer, or just want to know more about us, contact us during the day on:

Perth - 0131 310 8545


Email: 7SCOTS-BHQ-ROSO@mod.uk 

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