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C Company

C (Charlie) Company is an Army Reserve Infantry Company of 52nd lowland, 6th Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland and part of 51st Infantry Brigade; 'The Fighting 51st'. The Company covers the Greater Glasgow area, with its Company Headquarters and Rifle Platoons based in Walcheren Barracks in Glasgow's west end and an Assault Pioneer platoon Detachment in Scottish Rifles House in Motherwell.


"After completing recruit Phase 1 Alpha & Bravo you will go through Phase 2 at ITC Catterick. Here you will learn the fundamental skills of an Infantryman. On completion you will gain experience in our rifle company so that you will be able to instruct later in your Career. These courses can vary from Physical Training, Weapon specialist, Chemical warfare, Urban Operations plus more.

As an Infantry Assault Soldier you will be taught field engineering skills, demolitions, watermanship skills operating boats, counter- mine warfare, as well as being trained on numerous hand and power tools including chainsaws and other specialist equipment; and all this while still being able to fight as a combat infantryman. This is a skill that the regular Army is increasingly relying on the Army Reserve to provide. There are plenty of opportunities to deploy with our regular counterparts on operations and exercises. In the last year Charlie Company soldiers have deployed on operations in Afghanistan, provided support in Cyprus and exercised in Oman. Charlie Company exploits the numerous sporting and adventure training opportunities from novice to instructor level as well as representing the Army; and all this while being paid – most recently taking part in Athletics. Like every unit we are supported with a range of trade’s that help our fighting troops functional. This varies from medical assistance for injuries during training, to clerks that ensure we have the correct documents for deploying, to chefs that provide us the energy to soldier on. More details can be found below.
  • Combat Medical Technician
    Combat Medical Technicians have advanced life-saving skills and use them to help trauma patients both in peacetime and during conflict. You will tend to the wounded and work in challenging situations close to the front line.
  • HR Specialist
    Combat HR Specialists undertake the same basic military training as everyone else in the Army. You also learn specialist skills like IT, finance and management. They are key enablers in the company command post supporting the communication and medicals output.
  • Chef
    Chefs gain a thorough grounding in food preparation and presentation, you also learn how to construct field kitchens and produce tasty, nutritious meals on the move and in challenging environments."


"Becoming an infantry platoon commander takes a highly determined, fit and intelligent individual. We recruit from the U.O.T.C as well as all walks of civilian life providing they meet the criteria for Sandhurst. From leading & training you’r men, to looking after general welfare, it is a rewarding position! Once gaining commission at Sandhurst the final step is completing Infantry Battle School at Brecon. The course qualifications offer you great transferable skills for civilian employers too"

Company Training

"All locations meet and train on a Tuesday evening between 7.30pm and 9.30pm (However for a half days pay you can come in for the 5.30pm fitness session). In addition we train on 1/2 weekends each month. Every drill night you train, you are paid a quarter days pay, and you will receive 2.5 days pay for every weekend. In addition, if you meet the required standards, and attend more than 27 days per year (including a 16 day residential camp) then you will receive a tax-free lump sum training bounty.

Whilst the Company military training is varied and challenging there are opportunities to get involved in monthly Company sport as well as being taught new sports where you can also qualify as a coach or instructor. In the past year we have trained mountain bike leaders, canoe instructors and introduced novices to mountaineering, squash and road bike endurance, with all the equipment provided, training paid for and pay on top."

Contact Details

If you are interested in joining as either a soldier or an officer, or just want to know more about us, contact us during the day on:

Glasgow - 0141 224 5437
Motherwell - 01698 253 297
Battalion recruiting mobile number 24/7 - 07795 060737

C Company locations


Walcheren Barracks, 122 Hotspur Street, Glasgow G20 8LQ



Army Reserve Centre, Muir Street, Motherwell ML1 1BN


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