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Soldier Recruiting

Whether you want to join, rejoin or transfer within the British Army as a Regular or Reserve soldier, The Rifles offers an unmatched range of Infantry jobs, combat missions and base locations within 3-hours travelling time from practically anywhere within the UK. With 5 Regular and 3 Reserve battalions, The Rifles has units in the Light, Armoured, Mechanised and Specialised Infantry Battalion roles for soldiers seeking operations, promotion and further excitement.

Application Process

Applicants wishing to become a Regular or Reserve soldier within The Rifles must first register their interest by completing the British Army Online Application Form. The National Recruiting Centre, who will arrange for an interview and assessment to be conducted locally, will then call them. This does not commit you to joining the Army. Further details can be found on the Regular and Reserve Soldier links below.
*Recruit 1 (Sldr Rec)

Check us out first

Exercise CHOSEN MAN is the name given to The Rifles’ Regimental Insight Course run every month for Regular Soldier Applicants to experience life in a RIFLES battalion and prepare them for their Army Assessment. To attend the course individuals must first complete the Online Application Form, stating their wish to join The Rifles and attend The Rifles’ Regimental Insight Course. The 3-day course is free, highly recommended and there is no commitment to join the Army afterwards.
*chosen man recruit 1 (Sldr Rec)

Am I eligible to join The Rifles?

Follow the appropriate join as a Regular or Reserve Soldier links on this page.

How do I start my application?

All candidates must complete the On Line Application Form first. This does not commit them to joining the Army.

Where will I have my interview?

You will be appointed a Candidate Support Manager who will discuss a suitable interview time and place with you.

At what stage of the application process can I attend the Regimental Insight Course (Exercise CHOSEN MAN)?

You can attend Exercise CHOSEN MAN any time from after your interview until passing selection.

If I do well at my interview, where will I be assessed?

At one of 4 Assessment Centres across the UK: Pirbright (Surrey), Lichfield (Staffordshire), Glencorse (Scotland) and Belfast (Northern Ireland).  The Army will organise and pay for you to attend.

If I pass selection, when and where will I begin my basic training?

Your Candidate Support Manager will discuss this with you.  Regular Standard Entry Applicants can expect to begin basic training at Catterick, North Yorkshire from about 3-months after passing selection.  Regular Junior Entry Applicants are loaded on to courses at the Army Foundation College, Harrogate that start in March and September each year. Reserve applicants should discuss their initial training with their Candidate Support Manager and Reserve unit. The applicants that do best at selection are loaded first, meaning that individuals wishing to join The Rifles should prepare themselves well for selection and expect to load quickly as a result. 

What happens on basic training?

Basic training is different for Standard Entry, Junior Entry and Reserve Applicants. Please download the Recruit to Rifleman document on the right hand side of this page for further detail on basic training. Your Candidate Support Manager or The Rifles' Support Team can give you more information. Call 0845 643 9247 or email armyjobs@the-rifles.co.uk

Which RIFLES battalion will I serve in after basic training?

You will be given a choice.  The Rifles tries to meet the individual’s wishes, but Riflemen are occasionally assigned to another battalion first because of the jobs that need to be filled.  Then after 3-years (and every 2-years thereafter), all Riflemen are permitted to move battalions.

What jobs can I do in a RIFLES Battalion after basic training?

All Riflemen start in their Battalion as Combat Infantrymen after basic training. Thereafter The Rifles offers the widest possible array of jobs, roles and locations available within the Infantry. For a more detailed explanation please download the Rifleman to RSM document on the right hand side of this page.

Who can I speak to about joining The Rifles?

Either speak to your Candidate Support Manager or contact The Rifles Support Team direct: E-mail ArmyJobs@The-Rifles.co.uk or Call 0845 6439247.

As a soldier, you’ll do a vital job, making sure the Army operates smoothly and effectively, at home and overseas.

With a commitment of as little as 19 days per year you can fit more adventure into your life in the Army Reserve.

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