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2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment

2 YORKS is a light mechanised infantry battalion and part of 4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East, one of the Army's adaptable brigades.  It is equipped the FOXHOUND Protected Patrol Vehicle and a range of small arms and support weapons.  Foxhound is an agile and versatile vehicle perfectly fitting the battalion's new role.  2 YORKS is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Humphris MBE.

2nd Battalion Update – September 2017

The Battalion is now full engaged on Operation TORAL 5 – half the battalion is now the Kabul Protection Unit and the remainder conducting Mission Specific Training preparing to for a handover.

Operations and Training
The Battalion took over from the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment at midday on 12 August 2017 - a responsibility that they will hold for the next eight months.  The task is shared with soldiers from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Finland and Denmark.  Burma, Corunna and elements of Helmand companies are joined by three companies the US Army’s 3rd Bn/73rd Cavalry Regiment (82nd Airborne Division), two Australian platoons from 3rd Bn Royal Australian Regiment, a Danish ‘Viking’ platoon, a Finnish half-platoon and some New Zealanders.

The Kabul Security Force is the only British One Star command in Afghanistan and the Kabul Protection Unit is its only manoeuvre unit.  Service is orientated solely around the capital and is designed to support the essential training, advice, assist effort and to deliver incident response.  Therefore, 2 YORKS are the custodians of the mission to help stabilise, grow and support Afghanistan.  It is inspiring to see how much our Afghan security partners have improved during that time.

In Catterick, Alma and Quebec companies are preparing to take over from Burma and Corunna.  Burma coy are established in the New Kabul Compound on the edge of the Kabul Green Zone and Corunna coy are in Qargha on the western edge of the city.  Corunna’s principal focus is force protecting the Afghan National Army Officer Academy’s (ANAOA) training effort - the United Kingdom’s main effort in Afghanistan.  Battalion Headquarters is co-located with Burma Company at NKC and exercises the command and control of NATO assets across the capital; whilst the Echelon is based at the Hamid Karzai International Airport, along with the TORAL Air Detachment, which is also force protected by the Battalion.   It is a bespoke fit and a multinational ‘team of teams’ construct; but the result is a strong one and absolutely enhanced by our many constituent parts.

2nd Battalion [2 YORKS]

2 YORKS is a light mechanised infantry battalion, in one of the Army's adaptable brigades. It is equipped with the Foxhound Protected Patrol Vehicle and a range of small arms and support weapons.

The 2nd Battalion is part of 4th Infantry Brigade and is based in Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire.

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