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4 YORKS - Army Reserve Centres

The 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment is the Army Reserve Infantry unit of Yorkshire, Teesside and the North. We recruit volunteers who wish to become Army Reserve infantry soldiers in their spare time and also undertake infantry or trade specialisations. We welcome both ex-regulars and new recruits who are up for the ultimate challenge and want to earn extra money as they train and serve.

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01904 668054

4 YORKS Recruitment Officer

Regimental Operations Support Officer (ROSO)

Telephone: (01904) 668054 / 68

Email: 4yorks-bhq-roso@mod.uk

4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment
Worsley Barracks
Fulford Road

Training - Drill nights each Tuesday evening between 7.30-9.30 pm at our Army Reserve Centres. Trained soldiers are expected to attend at least six weekends a year and a 16-day continuous training course or Annual Deployment Exercise.  This equates to a minimum of 28 days per year (a combination of full days and Tuesday drill nights) in order to qualify for their Certificate of Efficiency (and Tax Free Training Bounty).

Soldiers-Under-Training (recruits) undergo a comprehensive programme which takes place over a number of weekends at the regional Army Training Unit (North East) before attending a consolidated training course to become trained soldiers.  Thereafter, all infantry cap badged soldiers attend the Combat Infantrmans Course (CIC) at Catterick.  Clerks, Medics, Logisticians and Musicians attend their own trade qualifying courses.

Combat Infantrymen can also specialise as radio operators, mortar men, machine gunners, drivers, storemen and team medics.

4 YORKS Army Reserve Centre (ARC) Locations

4 YORKS - BARNSLEY - Headquarters, Burma Company

Fontenay Barracks, Army Reserve Centre, Wakefield Road, BARNSLEY, S71 1NU. E-Mail: 4yorks-burma-recruiting@mod.uk Tel: (01226) 200116 Mob/SMS: (07785) 556497

Title|4 YORKS - BARNSLEY - Headquarters, Burma Company;Lat|53.572607;Lng|-1.472957;Url|/infantry/regiments/24555.aspx

4 YORKS - BEVERLEY - Mortar Platoon, Alma Company

Wolfe Armoury, Army Reserve Centre, Norwood Far Grove, BEVERLEY, HU17 9HU. E-Mail: 4YORKS-Alma-Recruiter-3@mod.uk Tel: (01482) 232200 Mob/SMS: (07785) 590611

Title|4 YORKS - BEVERLEY - Mortar Platoon, Alma Company;Lat|53.85028;Lng|-0.427442;Url|/infantry/regiments/24555.aspx

4 YORKS - BRADFORD - Detachment, Corunna Company

Belle Vue Barracks Army Reserve Centre, Drill Parade, Manningham Lane, BRADFORD, BD8 7HY. E-Mail: 4YORKS-Corunna-Recruiter-3@mod.uk Tel: (01274) 722129 Mob/SMS: (07823) 551082

Title|4 YORKS - BRADFORD - Detachment, Corunna Company;Lat|53.8029831;Lng|-1.7624524;Url|/infantry/regiments/24555.aspx

4 YORKS - HUDDERSFIELD - Headquarters, Corunna Company

Army Reserve Centre, St Paul's Street, HUDDERSFIELD, HD1 3DR E-Mail: 4yorks-corunna-recruiter-1@mod.uk Tel: (01484) 516030 Mob/SMS: (07823) 551082

Title|4 YORKS - HUDDERSFIELD - Headquarters, Corunna Company;Lat|53.642444;Lng|-1.77882;Url|/infantry/regiments/24555.aspx

4 YORKS - HUDDERSFIELD - The Band of The Yorkshire Regiment

Army Reserve Centre, St Paul's Street, HUDDERSFIELD, HD1 3DR. E-Mail: 4YORKS-Band-Recruiter@mod.uk Tel: (01484) 425492

Title|4 YORKS - HUDDERSFIELD - The Band of The Yorkshire Regiment;Lat|53.642614;Lng|-1.779549;Url|/infantry/regiments/24556.aspx

4 YORKS - HULL - Headquarters, Alma Company

Halifax Barracks Army Reserve Centre, Beverley Road, Kingston upon HULL, HU6 7JA. E-Mail: 4YORKS-Alma-Recruiter-3@mod.uk Tel: (01482) 232000 Mob/SMS: (07785) 590611

Title|4 YORKS - HULL - Headquarters, Alma Company;Lat|53.7783719;Lng|-0.3581375;Url|/infantry/regiments/24555.aspx

4 YORKS - LEEDS - Detachment, Corunna Company

Harewood Barracks, Army Reserve Centre, Skinner Lane, LEEDS, LS7 1AR. E-Mail: 4YORKS-Corunna-Recruiter-2@mod.uk Tel: (0113) 215 7301 Mob/SMS: (07823) 551082

Title|4 YORKS - LEEDS - Detachment, Corunna Company;Lat|53.804161;Lng|-1.533038;Url|/infantry/regiments/24555.aspx

4 YORKS - MIDDLESBROUGH - Headquarters, Quebec Company

Army Reserve Centre, Stockton Road, MIDDLESBROUGH, TS5 4AD. E-Mail: 4yorks-b-recruiting@mod.uk Tel: (01642) 242316 Mob/SMS: (07785) 590679

Title|4 YORKS - MIDDLESBROUGH - Headquarters, Quebec Company;Lat|54.564573;Lng|-1.270573;Url|/infantry/regiments/24555.aspx

4 YORKS - SHEFFIELD - Detachment, Burma Company

Somme Barracks, Army Reserve Centre, Gell Street, Glossop Road, SHEFFIELD, S10 2HU. E-Mail: 4yorks-burma-recruiting2@mod.uk Mob/SMS: (07785) 556497

Title|4 YORKS - SHEFFIELD - Detachment, Burma Company;Lat|53.380598;Lng|-1.482929;Url|/infantry/regiments/24555.aspx

4 YORKS - YORK - Headquarters, Helmand Company

Worsley Barracks, Army Reserve Centre, Fulford Road, YORK, YO10 4EB. E-Mail: 4YORKS-Helmand-Recruiter-2@mod.uk Tel: (01904) 668066 Mob/SMS: (07785) 590832

Title|4 YORKS - YORK - Headquarters, Helmand Company;Lat|53.9452844;Lng|-1.0723;Url|/infantry/regiments/24555.aspx

4 YORKS - YORK - Detachment, Alma Company

Worsley Barracks, Army Reserve Centre, Fulford Road, YORK, YO10 4EB. E-Mail: 4YORKS-Helmand-Recruiter-2@mod.uk Tel: (01904) 668066 Mob/SMS: (07785) 590832

Title|4 YORKS - YORK - Detachment, Alma Company;Lat|53.9452844;Lng|-1.0723;Url|/infantry/regiments/24555.aspx

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