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Regimental Area Offices

There are two Area Offices, which are an integral part of Regimental Headquarters.  The AHQs cover all those functions that are most efficiently and credibly delivered by a more locally-based Regimental representative.

Community Engagement operations are the vital link between the Regiment (and wider Army) and local opinion formers and the general public, providing the conditions for successful Regimental recruiting and support.

To focus on officer recruiting and support to soldier recruiting, to lead on marketing and communications and with financial probity, Regimental Headquarters supports all elements of the Regimental family, serving and retired, in order to enhance the effectiveness of the Yorkshire Regiment and ensure its long-term future.

  • Strategic Objective 1 – To preserve the Yorkshire Regiment ORBAT of two Regular and one Reserve battalion after the next SDSR.  This is our vital ground - all the other strategic objectives support this fundamental objective.  It is owned by the Colonel of the Regiment.
  • Strategic Objective 2 – To man all battalions to 100% of establishment as soon as possible and no later than mid-2019.  This is the principle criteria upon which infantry battalions are ranked for retention or disbandment.  Owned by the three Commanding Officers, supported by Deputy Colonel Recruiting and the Deputy Regimental Secretary.
  • Strategic Objective 3 – To be recognised as a top-tier infantry regiment by the informed community, our peers and the Army hierarchy.  Owned by Deputy Colonel of the Regiment.
  • Strategic Objective 4 - As England's only county regiment, develop and maintain our reputation within our core support base - the Yorkshire community.  Owned by the Regimental Secretary.

YORKS Area Office - North

Assistant Regimental Secretary - Major (Retired) Pat Ralph MM

This office deals with issues concerning the northern area of our recruitment footprint and our antecedent Regular and Reserve units. The office is collocated with our award winning Green Howard Museum which has recently undergone major refurbishment and is now open to the public (as of Spring 2015).

Telephone: 01748 850870

Email: YORKSAHQRichmond@BTConnect.com

Area Office (North)
The Yorkshire Regiment
Trinity Church, Trinity Church Square

YORKS Area Office - South

Assistant Regimental Secretary - Major (Retired) Roger Helmn BEM

This office deals with issues concerning the southern area of our recruitment footprint and our antecedent Regular and Reserve units. In April 2014, YORKS Area Office (South) relocated to Huddersfield.

Telephone: 01484 516030

Email: YORKS-AO-South@BTConnect.com

Area Office (South)
The Yorkshire Regiment
Army Reserve Centre, St Paul's Street

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