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Platoon Command and beyond

Once you have finished your phase 1 and 2 training it is time to get to your Battalion and start doing the job you have been training to do. This is a memorable time for any young officer as you will learn a huge amount in your first few months of command and there is always the small task of meeting your platoon.

An officer's reputation can be made or lost in the first few months of command. Your training will stand you in good stead but it is vital you listen and learn to both your peers and the WOs and SNCOs in the Battalion, especially your platoon sergeant. The soldiers will be initially wary of any newcomer, such is the close-knit spirit within the Regiment. However, being fit, motivated and working hard will quickly win over the soldiers under your command.

Once bedded in you can expect to deploy on operations with your platoon, conduct overseas training exercises and deal with day-to-day life as a young officer in The Royal Anglian Regiment.

Once you have finished your first appointment as a rifle platoon commander you can expect to either move to Support Company to command a Support Weapons Platoon, command a platoon at a training centre such as ITC (Catterick) or possibly move to a variety of other jobs such as an Aide de Camp to a Royal Anglian General.