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In order to maintain our operational effectiveness, 2 PWRR conducts rigourous training across the spectrum of infantry weapon systems, from SA80 A2 to .50 calibre Heavy Machine Guns to 81mm Mortars. On top of this, they train to the highest standard in everything they do, which is why 2 PWRR won the 1 (UK) Armoured Division “Iron Rhino” competition for being the fittest Battalion.

Known throughout the Army as ‘The Tigers’, the Battalion specialises in dismounted close combat and must train to fight in all types of terrain. Fighting on foot, and in vehicles, 2 PWRR pride themselves on their ability to think clearly and fight well in arduous, high pressure situations. Their approach is underpinned by physical fitness, mental robustness and a forward leaning, proactive attitude. 2 PWRR is a diverse and inclusive community – everyone is fully respected and treated as part of the team.

In the last two years, The Tigers have conducted operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Cyprus, and undertaken realistic training across the globe, including: the jungles of Belize; the Jordanian desert; and the frozen hills of the Falkland Islands. Members of the Battalion have also travelled to Canada, Morocco, Kenya, Pakistan, Nigeria, Brunei, Nepal and Korea as part of training teams or on courses. 2 PWRR constantly identifies and exploits opportunities for its soldiers to fulfil their potential.

The Tigers take full advantage of what the wider Army has to offer; soldiers regularly conduct adventurous training, from sailing and scuba-diving, to skydiving and sea-kayaking. On the sporting front, members of the Battalion have excelled in football, mountain biking, road racing, boxing, Nordic skiing, alpine skiing, judo and many others.

In August 2017, the Battalion returned to the UK, based in Cottesmore, where they are reconfiguring two companies into a Light Mechanised Infantry force. They are able to operate across a spectrum of tasks with a wide-ranging fleet of modern vehicles, including Foxhound, Husky and R-WMIK 2.

In 2018 the Battalion will focus on operations overseas, before re-roling again into a Specialised Infantry Battalion; they will conduct defence engagement and capacity building, providing training, assistance, advice and mentoring to British partners.

As an infantry battalion, The Tigers are robust, versatile and adaptable, constantly striving to be as professionally competent and ready as they can be. 2 PWRR is comprised of three Rifle Companies (two Rifle Platoons and one Machine Gun Platoon in each), a Fire Support Company (Sniper Platoon, Reconnaissance Platoon, Mortar Platoon, Anti-Tank Platoon, Assault Pioneer Platoon/Pipes and Drums) and Headquarters Company.

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C Coy training the Iraqi Peshmerga in Northern Iraq as part of Op SHADER; Britain’s support to Iraq in their fight against Islamic State.


If you are interested in joining ‘The Tigers’, please call one of our recruiting offices.

To become an Officer contact the Regimental Captain: RHQ PWRR, HM Tower of London, London EC3N 4AB
Civilian: 0203 166 6904 Military: 94631 6904
Email: INFHQ-QUEENS-PWRR-RegtCapt@mod.uk

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