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Officer recruitment

To be successful as an officer in The Royal Anglian Regiment you must not only uphold the Core Values and Standards of the British Army, but also develop a level of professionalism which gains you the respect of the soldiers under your command.

Inspire confidence

As a leader in The Regiment you must have the intellectual capacity to plan operations under pressure and have the robust mental and physical attributes to see them through to successful conclusion, often in adverse conditions.

You should inspire confidence, whilst avoiding arrogance, and set yourself and your subordinates the exacting requirement needed to be the best.
Handing over patrol base

Values and standards

An officer in The Royal Anglian Regiment is expected to behave in a thoroughly professional manner at all times, with the highest standards. Everyone in the Army should aspire to the six Core Values and Standards of the British Army (Selfless Commitment, Respect for Others, Loyalty, Integrity, Discipline and Courage), but above those we also expect you to be tenacious in spirit, mentally and physically more robust than your counterparts, also humble when necessary and to care greatly for your soldiers.
Shaking hands with Afghan Cmdr


As a leader, your particular style will grow with experience and guidance from those you aspire to model yourself on. Leadership is not easy, you will make mistakes, but that is part of the process. Being an officer in The Regiment is highly competitive; we have many talented people; we ask that our officers always strive to do their best - and they do.

Our three Battalions have operated in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years. We have soldiered in times of hardship and fear, but have always been a fighting force to be reckoned with. Our Regiment has faced many an opponent, but has always come out stronger. Our success on operations and our reputation as a formidable force is testament to this fact.

Finally, we are a county based Regiment, bound together by a closely-knit family spirit. Our approach is classless, based on mutual respect and trust, where developing and believing in our soldiers is paramount. We are a forward looking, self starting and welcoming team for whom the Mission remains key. By living this Ethos, we The Royal Anglian Regiment aspire to constantly deliver excellence. We make it happen.

Watch this video about what it's like to be an officer in The Royal Anglian Regiment.

For more information please contact the Regimental Adjutant.

Tel: 01284 752394

Email: INFHQ-QUEENS-RANG-RegtAdjt@mod.uk  


The process of getting to Main Board


The first step for any potential officer is to get in touch with an Army Careers Adviser (ACA).

RMAS & Platoon Commanders Battle Course

Platoon Commanders Battle Course

After passing Main Board you are ready to attend the finest military academy in the world at Sandhurst.

Life in Platoon Command and beyond


After completing your training it is time to start doing the job you've been training to do.

Contact information

For more information on officer recruiting within The Royal Anglian Regiment, contact the Regimental Adjutant.

Tel: 01284 752394

Email: INFHQ-QUEENS-RANG-RegtAdjt@mod.uk