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Welsh Guards

The Welsh Guards was raised on 26 February 1915 by order of King George V to complete the national complement of regiments of Foot Guards identified with the countries of the United Kingdom.

1st Battalion Welsh Guards

As a Foot Guards' Regiment in the Household Division, the Welsh Guards are proud to provide the guard for Her Majesty the Queen at her royal residences. Whilst on ceremonial duties the Battalion spends much of its time based in central London.

The Regiment is currently based in Elizabeth Barracks, Pirbright.

A Guardsman who has served with the Battalion for the last ten years will have been on tours to Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, interspersed with fire fighting, sport, adventurous training and exercises all over the world including Belize, Kenya and the Falkland Islands. In addition, they would have carried out state ceremonial and public duties, demonstrating the busy and incredibly varied nature of life as a Guardsman in the modern day British Army.

In February 2016 the Battalion re-roled to Light Mechanised Infantry and began utilising the Foxhound vehicle. On the horizon for the Battalion is a period of learning about and training with the new vehicles culminating in a battlegroup level exercise – Exercise WESSEX STORM - in early 2017. This will confirm that the Welsh Guards are ready to deploy anywhere in the world.

Regimental Ethos

The Welsh Guards are proud to be the Fifth Regiment of Foot Guards and have been involved in both ceremonial and operational duties since its formation in 1915. We are a modern forward-looking Regiment steeped in history and our Regimental ethos is based on:

Excellence Whether on the parade ground or on operations and training we strive for excellence in all that we do.
Family We are a one Battalion Regiment and have a close knit community where 90% of our Guardsmen are recruited from Wales. This creates a unique and undeniable culture and ethos in the Regiment.
Variety Aside from the Regiment’s dual ceremonial and operational roles, we pride ourselves on providing a rich and varied experience for all through sports and adventurous training with an emphasis on personal development and building team cohesion.
Heritage The Regiment have fought in almost every campaign the British Army have been involved in since World War One. Our heritage and proven success continues to shape who we are today.

Please look at the more detailed tabs on the Regiment and the Battalion to gain a deeper understanding of who the Welsh Guards are.

Welsh Guards in action

Watch this detailed video about the roles and responsibilities of the Welsh Guards and then visit our 'Join us' pages to learn about how to become a Welsh Guardsman.

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