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Specialist trades and skills

A London Regiment Combat Infantryman can obtain other skills:

Assault Pioneer

The assault pioneers are the London Regiment's battlefield engineers who are trained in the creation of obstacles such as minefields, demolitions and wiring. Their tasks include the breaching of enemy obstacles in the face of battle.

Skills acquired: Use of power tools, use of explosives, watermanship skills.
Company employed: C Company


Accurate accounting is required for all equipment in addition to the overall equipment maintenance.

Skills acquired: Accounting, administration, logistics.
Company employed: All companies

Intelligence Section

Work out what the enemy are doing and supply this information to the commanders on the ground.

Skills acquired: Analysis, computer literacy.
Company employed: HQ Company

Machine Gunner

The general purpose machine gun can be tripod-mounted and can fire directly to 2000m. It is a vital support weapon.

Skills acquired: Map reading.
Company employed: B Company


Although every Infanteer is trained in First Aid, each battalion has its own specially-trained medics.

Skills acquired: First Aid
Company employed: All companies

Mortar Crewman

The 81mm mortar is the Infantry's own artillery system. It can deliver high explosive and smoke out to almost 6000m. The Infantry uses laser range finders and battlefield computers to make the most of this lethal weapons system.

Skills acquired: Computer literacy.
Company employed: A Company


In the London Regiment there is a wide cultural heritage and with it a chance to learn the bagpipes, the bugle, the fife and drums as well as being a soldier.

Skills acquired: Learning to play a musical instrument.
Company employed: A, C & D Companies

Officer / NCO

If you show potential you will be selected for leadership / management training and join the command structure for the London Regiment.

Skills acquired: Management, leadership, teaching skills
Company employed: All Companies

Physical Training Instructor

Responsible for the upkeep of the fitness in the battalion, and are experts in sports and outdoor activities.

Skills acquired: Fitness, training others.
Company employed: All Companies

Anti-tank Platoon

The Anti-tank platoon provides the Commanding Officer with his main offensive weapon system against armour.

Skills acquired: Self reliance.
Company employed: D Company

Regimental Police

Help to maintain discipline in the battalion. Mark out travel routes and control traffic.

Skills acquired: Discipline
Company employed: HQ Company


Without excellent communications, an Infantry battalion cannot do its job, and sophisticated radios need well trained operators.

Skills acquired: Computer literacy, telecoms level 2 NVQ.
Company employed: All companies

AGC Dept

A lot of administration is required to run and maintain the smooth running of a battalion.

Skills acquired: Accounting, administration, computer skills.
Company employed: All companies

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