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D Company (London Irish Rifles)

D (London Irish Rifles) Company has recently merged with Headquarter Company and is based at the Army Reserve Centre in Camberwell. As well retaining its operational capability it is also responsible for supporting Battalion Headquarters (BHQ), which is the heart of the Battalion and where the Commanding Officer and his HQ staff control the Regiment, by providing logistical and administrative support. Although the Company is based in Camberwell some of its members train with the other Companies, providing the benefit of their specialist training and expertise.

D Company is like a family, training, fighting, socialising, undertaking adventure training and playing sport together. The challenges faced by soldiers forge strong bonds of lasting friendship and respect.

We have a proud history of serving alongside the Regular Army in Bosnia, The Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan and more recently Cyprus.

D Company welcomes new and existing soldiers who wish to become part of the only Army Reserve Infantry Regiment that is part of the prestigious Household Division.


Anti-Tank Javelin Platoon

The Anti-Tank platoon is equipped with the Javelin weapons system which is a missile with a range of 1950m. The Javelin missile will penetrate the armour of most main battle tanks. It is this that gives the Regiment its capability to engage with armoured vehicles.

Soldiers in the Javelin Platoon take great pride in their job and skills as well as their high level of fitness required for the movement of the weapons system.

Signals Platoon

Signals Platoon has an important and challenging job to carry out within the Battalion and is part of D Company. Its role is to man and support communications within Battalion Headquarters and the four companies. It is also responsible for the maintenance for all the communications equipment held within the whole Battalion.

Staff and Personnel Support Branch (SPS)

The branch exists to deliver a personnel administrative capability in support of the Regiment. They deliver real time administration, day in, day out without which the Regiment could not function effectively. They provide Human Resources, financial, administrative, clerical, secretarial and IT support to officers and soldiers in barracks and on deployed operations at every level within the Regiment.

Quartermasters Department

From water and ammunition to letters and food, the Quartermasters department get the right amount of the right kit to the right people in the right time - enabling the Regiment to do its job, and boosting morale along the way. They fight logistics through to keep the Regiment working, moving and communicating, allowing it to deliver that punch when and where required!

Medical Department

Members of the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) serve with the London Regiment as Combat Medical Technicians (CMT) and are responsible for maintaining the health of servicemen and women. The Corps is represented wherever London Regiment Soldiers are deployed, providing medical support on operations, exercises and adventurous training expeditions.

Motor Transport Platoon

The Motor Transport Platoon is responsible for providing the unit with the vehicles it needs to move both its men and equipment. It has a variety of vehicles at its disposal including WOLF Land Rovers, MAN 6T Support Vehicles and Battlefield Ambulances, which as a Private soldier you would be required to both drive and maintain.

Join us

Call: 020 7801 2543
Email: Londons-ROSWO@mod.uk

D Company Location

Connaught House Camberwell

D (London Irish Rifles)
The London Regiment
Connaught House
4 Flodden Road

Tel: 020 7820 4040
Fax: 020 7820 4041

Email: Londons-D-PSAO@mod.uk

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