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Join the Infantry

The British Infantry is respected throughout the world and you have the choice of being part of this exceptional fighting force either full time or part time.

Regular or reserve?

As a Regular Infanteer you will be a fulltime soldier, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and paid as such. You will undergo intensive training before you join your Regiment but the training does not stop there.

You will find throughout your career that you will always be training for something but all this activity keeps you fit and healthy and gives you experiences not available to most other people.

If you join the Army Reserve you can have a normal civilian job and live in the community but you will undergo the same intensive training in a condensed form. You will have the opportunity to go on exercises throughout the world and take part in adventure training just as your Regular counterparts do.

You will also get the chance to serve alongside your Regular colleagues on operations such as Afghanistan. Currently around 10% of the Army Reserve are mobilised on operations.

Currently, the Infantry provides well over 50% of those employed as Special Forces and Special Duties troops in the Army. If you think that Special Duties is something you would like to do then the Infantry will give you the skill and more importantly the time and support to achieve your goals.

As part of the Army’s front-line team, you get involved in everything from peacekeeping and disaster relief to full-scale war.

After training, you'll be in charge of a highly trained rifle platoon, capable of operating in all environments and types of conflict.

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