Home Fitness

Home Fitness Whilst Isolating

During these uncertain times it is important to #StayFit #StayHealthy and #StayHome. 

Only being able to leave the house once a day for exercise should not limit our ability to exercise.  

Below are a number of exercises that can be completed from the comfort of your front room to supplement your exercise regime.

Warm Up

It is imperative to begin every session of Physical Training with a good warm up. 
This is made up of three phases with the following aims.
Follow the video below as it guides you through these.

1. Raise

  • Body temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Blood flow
  • Joint fluid viscosity

2. Activate and mobilise

  • Activate key muscle groups
  • To mobilise key joints and ROM used in the upcoming activity

3. Potentiation

This phase of the warm-up will see a gradual shift towards the actual workout itself, and will normally involve specific exercises increasing intensity.

Warm Up


There will be 3 new workouts a week for you to try. Undertake them in order to ensure you keep your whole body healthy with this progressive work out.

Week 1 - Session 1 - Conditioning Workout

Week 2 Session 3 - Total Body

Week 4 Session 2 - Boxing

Week 6 Session 1 - Endurance Circuit

Cool Down

The cool down is performed to help return the body to a pre-exercise state. The cool down will follow-on immediately from the main activity and should consist of the following content for an over all cool down, focussing initially on the main muscle groups used during the activity. 

1. Pulse Rate Reduction
2. Joint mobility 
3. Static stretching 

Static stretches should be held for 25 – 30 seconds and no more than two stretches per muscle group.

The cool down should last between 8 & 10 minutes.

Cool Down - Static Stretching