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Regional Command

Regional Command is the Army’s 2-star HQ responsible for generating and operating the Firm Base for Army personnel and their dependents in the UK, Nepal, Brunei and Germany.

It delivers Real Life Support to the Army, Defence Children Services, commands the Cadets and controls the stations and garrisons in the UK. It is responsible for engagement with the civilian community and acts as the proponent for UK Operations. Regional Command effects are delivered through seven Regional Points of Command (RPoC), and Headquarters London District, that cover the breadth of the UK.

Headquarters: Aldershot


Regional Points of Command (RPoC) deliver Firm Base support to the Army, Engage with Society, Enable the Cadet Forces and Enable UK Resilience Operations. All current RPoC boundaries align to Police Force, Local Authority and LRF boundaries; these are Defence’s UK Resilience partners.

Under Future Soldier the existing RPoCs will be refined to deliver a greater number of staff to be aligned to UK Resilience Operations and to allow deployable formations to focus on overseas tasks.

Headquarters London District will remain as the London RPOC in Horse Guards. It will also continue to command troops assigned to State Ceremonial and Public Duties.

  • RPOC South East will remain in Aldershot.
  • RPOC South West will remain in Tidworth.
  • RPOCs North West and North East will be combined to form a single RPOC North. Its exact location remains subject to further work.
  • RPOCs East Midlands and West Midlands will be combined to form a single RPOC Centre. It will be based in Cottesmore with a Forward Node in the West Midlands.
  • 51st Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Scotland will remain the RPOC for Scotland based in Edinburgh. Balaclava Company, 5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland will remain under command.
  • 38 (Irish) Brigade will remain the RPOC for Northern Ireland based in Lisburn. 
  • 160th (Welsh) Brigade will remain the RPOC for Wales based in Brecon.