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First World War support to schools


Dan Snow

Dan Snow presents a series of small BBC films explaining aspects of the First World War which are ideal for adding into a lesson to focus on particular aspects of the war, or for students to look at in their own time to enhance their project work.

WW1 Uncut: A Soldier’s Kit

WW1 Uncut: Rifles

WW1 Uncut: A Soldier’s Food

WW1 Uncut: Why Trenches?

WW1 Uncut: Tanks

WW1 Uncut: Escaping the Trenches

WW1 Uncut: Machine Guns

WW1 Uncut: Why Barbed Wire?

WW1 Uncut: Weird and Wonderful Creatures

WW1 Uncut: War Dogs

Richard Holmes

The late Professor Richard Holmes presents six long films aimed at older students or teachers who wish to delve into the Western Front in more detail.

Western Front – 1 of 6: Making the front

Western Front – 2 of 6: Feeding the Front

Western Front – 3 of 6: Holding the Front

Western Front – 4 of 6: Commanding the Front

Western Front – 5 of 6: Enduring the Front

Western Front – 6 of 6: Breaking the Front